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Boss Battle: Count Snagula


And we’re live with Super Bowl LIII. We have a great game for you folks this evening between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. These two teams are among the most formida… wait what? … this isn’t the Super Bowl? … it can only be watched on CBS? … Not everyone on the forums is American? … I’m going over the most recent Duelyst boss battle? … Well alright, if it’s what I have to do to keep all these nerds happy, I’ll do it.

Er-hem, and we’re live with the latest boss battle! Meet Kron,a minion you already know about. This was the proposed change I had for Kron when it was being buffed from a 4/4. However, people said it was “too good” and “OP”. Personally, I don’t get it, since it still dies to so much removal in the game. I mean, Bloodtide Priestess spawns stuff when enemy minions die too, and the spell reduction effect is the same as Second Sword Sarugi, which is rarely played. People will complain about any 5 mana 2/30 these days… :sleeping:

With my redesign shot down, this Kron was reincarnated as a boss, specializing in ways to provoke you. This means playing provoke minions AND literally provoking you, plucking your every last nerve. You see, Kron doesn’t like when you move. Having freedom of any kind is something he simply will not tolerate. This is why Kron only chooses to spawn prisoners, because only he can enjoy the sweet taste of freedom.

When he’s not provoking you, he’s playing really cheap spells, like 2 mana Trinity Oath, because bots need 2 mana Trinity Oaths to keep up with real Dooly players. (Ok, I think I see why my proposed Kron buff fell flat :stuck_out_tongue:)

But the strongest part about this boss makes it the toughest one yet. In fact, it’s possible this boss is truly unstoppable! I give you: the boss’s greatest weapon!

That’s right! Kron has hacking capabilities, allowing him to rage quit right before you win to invalidate the match. Any time you’re about to win, Kron could cancel the match and make you start over. As you can see, even I, the greatest player of all time, can’t get past his snagging ways.

Notice how you can’t even watch the replays. Clearly Kron wants to hide all evidence of his cheating ways. But someone must bring him to justice! Kron must suffer the same fate as his prisoners, rotting in jail for the rest of his life because he cheats at a video game!

The bounty on Kron’s head can net you one whole Boss Crate. If you have any information on Kron, please contact us at 1-800-333-HACK If this is a real number, please disregard this statement, and don’t call random strangers




Loving this new version of the boss fight thread :smiley: !
Not much of a fan of the snag though :frowning: .

For the record I did manage to beat it the second time, but the first one the game was interrupted by the “hit a snag” message :


Even snags can’t stop Growmar.

(Beating bosses on the first try is getting old…)


i literally just beat him with growmar to :thinking: maybe growmar is unhackable?!?


Has the snag to do with certain cards?


Loose so many times and finaly got him with winter’s wake combo.


Didn’t know that Kron’s promotion earned him the right to throw a temper tantrum every game. What a sore loser.


It’s because that spaghetti job description. No one knows what any of your code does. Oh, besides cook my thighs!


This is a cheeky ass boss fight now, spent tons of times trying to beat him only to hit the snag each time. Had to come on here to find out what was going on, I both hate and love how stupidly obnoxious that mechanic is because I honestly was going to report it as a bug…Then find out the boss is just messing with me cause we beat him soo much. Takes the cake and easily solved if you find the right faction to use, hint they are scaly :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean our demonic overlords?


The snag happened to me every time an egg minion is killed. I suppose because of conflict in what should be spawned on the space; the egg or the prisoner. Don’t know about what throws it with other factions yet…


Maybe cards like Reaper, Fenrirs etc. as well then?


Won with Growmar, got owned with Abyssian though.


I don’t know what’s causing the snag, I can’t play the match long enough to win despite being in winning positions


Someone in reddit said its maybe because Kron summons the Forcefield prisoner, and thats why it crashes. Try to avoid friendly minions deaths.
I tried with NOSE and won.


Are there any plans to fix this major bug?


Zohan’s idea makes sense. The boss was designed before patch v.1.96. And the error message fits to that too.

It is more likely they will just retire that boss for the near future.


Beat it on first attempt with Wizard Brome. Weren’t there snags with another boss battle about a month ago?

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