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Boss Battle: Calibero: Certified Sewing Machine


The boss that started it all.

Everyone, let me introduce you to Calibero, the original Duelyst boss. Calibero specializes in making clothes for himself. On every turn, other than the first turn of the game, Calibero knits himself a new piece of clothing to wear. Knitting is a wonderful art, and you may wonder what’s so bad about someone who just wants to knit clothes.

Well what you didn’t know is that Calibero intends to open his own sweat shop and start forcing innocent Imperial Mechanists to make all of his clothes moving forward! He already has a few of them in his deck being forced to repair all of his clothing!

So far, the mechanists have only learned how to create things such as Staff of Y’Kir, Sunstone Bracers, and Arclyte Regalia. But if they aren’t freed from Calibero’s clutches, they could learn to create an artifact that could destroy the world…for minimal pay! You can’t let Calibero get away with this madness!

Defeating him will allow you to set the Imperial Mechanists free! You’ll also get a Silky Boss Crate, made from only the softest materials on Earth. Use it to receive wonderful Duelyst stuff, OR use it as a comfy pillow! The power is yours!



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Great writeup like always :smiley:

Do you guys remember fighting that guy in the tutorial back when you started? :slight_smile:


Defeated this boss 3 times now.

First with Nemeton because it is fun :slight_smile:

Then with budget Abyssian Swarm deck, also easy going.

And last I won with my 0 spirit only basic cards Abyssian deck.


Shadow Watcher is your main win con. Secondary win cons are just continuous damage. The boss only has 20 hitpoints (+3 because he manages to use his bbs once), so you can whittle him down pretty easily.

Be careful with the Shadow Watcher, the boss has Entropic Decay. So go only in for the kill.



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Don’t even think abou…dammit! :angry:

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By the way, I burst out laughing in class today and it’s all your fault.


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