Boss Battle - Cade The Desolator (Sept. 2018)


Boss Battle - Cade The Desolator

Hordes of Desolators gasp in awe, for from their gaunt and bony kind a champion has risen. Cade’s current incarnation has lived long enough to build a body that no longer fear death. He has mastered the ways of war through countless battles.

“Another dusk, another raid. This has become so routine.”

As you infiltrate his sanctuary, your hair feels electric. Heartbeats. You have flashes of a devilish, fiery grin. They know you are here.

“Just a skeleton in an armor? I can deal with that.”

Gather your wits! Cade’s strength is phenomenal, and he will fling you and your allies around with each swing of his unholy battle axe.

Many have defied him but all were slashed, and left impaled to die in the dark.

“Careful of the spikes, got it. But why am I even getting into this?”

Beat this boss and you’ll earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you’ll also earn a Boss Crate, which can be opened immediately for another free Orb, Spirit and a cosmetic item. Each Orb contains an assortment of cards sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!



i cant fight him, it says internal server error cannot start boss fight or something like ,anybody who can help?


Later today, you can fight him.

Edit: I updated the post to make it clear it’s an advance announcement.


ohhhh, so its not a problem, my bad i thought after the countdown i can fight him right away


EZ boss. I can see it getting outta hand when it summons an Abyssal Juggernaut if you’re not prepared for it, but as it turns out the AI thought it was a good idea to use said Juggernaut to punch my Earth Sister in the face while she was standing next to Cade.

Plus, Cade had already taken a hefty punch from a Biomimetic the turn before.

EDIT: btw, Cade and Astaroth could be Axe-buddies.


Im a bit dissapointed by the bosses…atleast in this regard CP got extremely lazy
-recycle all the bosses insted of creating new ones
-don,t even bother to do the official bosspost and insted let the community handle it


I should remind you we don’t currently have an active Dooli CM, and stormshade is supposedly looking for one.

But recycling is disturbing.


Rather easy boss, I ground him with a Desolator. He doesn’t use removal or any spells apparently, apart from his BBS.
Have some healing, keep a removal handy for his Abyssal Juggernaut, and you’ll be OK.


he did use Breath of the Unborn on my 1st attempt, and he also has Daemonic Lures


Thanks! I stand corrected.


i have only beat him cause he cant use his bbs effieciently


dumb ai with dumb strong stats make perfect sense since he a juggernaut tho. it was pretty fun fighting e dude


i just realized that his bbs has 2 effects it summons wrathlings and shadow creeps
it prioritized the shadow creeps rather than body blocking me.


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