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Boss Battle: Basically Zubat


“No…no it’s not a vetruvian card. … I know it says ‘Scion’ in the name but…N-no I’m telling you this is the boss battle this week… Paragon of Light was last week…Look, I gotta go. The forurm-goers expect me to talk to them about the boss battle…Yeah this thread is important. Do you know how many people read this every week?..Like 15, so yeah, I’m basically famous. Now if you don’t mind, my people need me…I know, I know… I love you too grandma. Bye.”

Sorry about that. Grandma thought this was a vetruvian card. Silly grandma, this isn’t a sand person. It’s an entity of everlasting darkness.

This is Scion of the Void. Remember how light was the enemy last week? Well, this is basically the same thing, except it’s the opposite. Scion of the Void, as his name implies, is the master of the void, which is where all streams go to die. He wants to kill all Duelyst streams so that the game never gets content again. If you truly support this game, you will have no choice but to embark on a quest to defeat Scion, and protect Duelyst streams from being eradicated from the face of the earth.

So what do we need to know about this boss?

Well, do you all know what this is?

That’s basically the boss this week. Much like a Zubat, Scion of the Void hides in dark places and appears whenever you don’t want him to. He’ll fly into your face and use Leech Life, and it seems as though he will never go away. Since repels aren’t available in Duelyst, your only option for ridding yourself of this nuisance will be to eliminate him.

But it won’t be easy, because Scion’s deck is specifically designed to make sure he never dies. He packs Spectral Blades and Kelainos which will render him more or less immortal. And when he’s not healing, he’s spamming the board with stuff n’ things, which are the most annoying kind of minions. “Stuff n’ things” includes Bloodtide Priestess, Dioltas, and Ash Mephyt. He even starts the game with 2 Gors, which are actually immortal. You will probably need the entire week to finish one game against this boss.

The good news is that if you defeat Scion of the Void, you will save Duelyst streams from being destroyed (for real though, shoutout to the streamers who put their time and effort into providing content for the community :smile:). On top of that, you will get a Boss Crate with stuff n’ things in it. It will require a very special key to open. Have fun with that.


And we do enjoy every thread you make! :smiley:

This boss provides a lot of wraithlings, which means it was a good field to play with my Deceptib0t and Echo Deliverant deck.
It’s true that the boss healing requires drastic measures!


No it’s not. Just use Growmar. :cry:


Or arcanysts with 4winds,kindling or polarity


or you can make him feel the raath of the sac


I personally played Artisajj. It was a slow game, but Thunderhorns helped me so much during the battle, damaging the boss while not letting him heal any damage.


Xor deck

Except Xor never came out

Except Shadowdancer in the corner was the only minion I played



I am in the middle of the boss fight with Xor’Xuul and the board is full but because of the boss’ ability I can’t defeat him. It has to go to fatigue…or I concede. Not sure what to do. I have 2 Alcuin Fugitives and 2 Aphrotic Drains in hand, so I can’t lose :stuck_out_tongue: But only 1 empty field on board and I don’t get my Shadowdancers…

Finally drew my Shadowdancer…we will see how that works out. Luckily if the board is full and a minion dies they disappear because there is no new tile to spawn on.

Okay, first turn Shadowdancer and he died because of the mass of creep tiles he put on board which killed my Sarlacs and Gors. That was hilarious :smiley:

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