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Boss Battle - Archmagus Vol

The Archmagus Vol Boss Battle will be available on Thursday, June 7th 2:00 PM PDT until Tuesday, June 12th 2:00 PM PDT

Boss Battle - Archmagus Vol

A fearsome practitioner of the astral and arcane arts, Archmagus Vol once tricked Zane into betraying his fellow allies. With reckless abandon, Zane will stop at nothing to avenge his fallen brethren even if it means sacrificing his own life. You must not let this fight be his last.

Join Darkspear Zane in his battle against the Archmagus! After breaking free from Vol's possession, he will only listen to his heart, and his heart desires vengeance! Make sure to keep Zane alive, for he is not only a valuable ally but also your sole reason for fighting Archmagus Vol.

Duelyst Boss Vol Battlefield

"Between Zane and I, we have Vol outnumbered!"

Vol did not become an Archmagus from tireless study: he is no stranger to a battlefield. Vol's magic allows him to link the fates of our allies, damaging all of our minions in the process. Zane will also pursue his own agenda: while he appreciates any support you can lend, be careful not to induce a berserk-filled death. When passion runs highs, blood will boil and even the most valiant hearts can lose their way.

"So why should I help Zane defeat Vol?"

If you can help Zane survive this encounter, you will earn a free Core Spirit Orb. In addition to this, you'll also earn a Boss Crate, which is now free to open! Boss Crates contain 1 Random Spirit Orb, 1 Cosmetic Item, and 100 Spirit to help boost your collection.

Can you silence the Archmagus?

Duelyst Boss Vol Callout


Didn’t go as planned, but went well.


Spoiler for anyone having problems.

Friendly reminder, you can transform the dude to keep him from running you into the ground.

EDIT: Also… I got an insane orb off of this… Eldar Silithar, Panda seal, and something else… then a prismatic spectral blade off of the boss crate orb… Good day for spirit!


Still moves three tiles without saying so on the card. NotLikeThis

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Crashed when I tried to Killing Edge Zane =(

You would have lost. Killing edge puts Zane at 7 attack, you insta lose if he has 6

they aren’t even trying to make a fun boss. game continues to go down in quality.

This is a stock boss that’s been in the rotation for a long time… it’s how I knew what to do. If you want it to be more challenging, try it with different decks… if you want to cash in on regularly scheduled free stuff then just take it and be happy…

old screenshot

kron isnt a 4/4 anymore


Duelyst: The Escort Mission.


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Final turn before killing the boss… ‘first try’
(Used Ironcliffe Heart to make sure I don’t have to worry about Zane and Legion supplied infinite Crestfallen after completing the trial).

I figured transform would outright kill you if you tried; not a well documented boss.

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Kinematic Projection to pin the damn thing at one place, then Portal Guardian + Scion 2nd Wish to pound the crap out of Vol


is this trial or did you mirrorim excelsiuses

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I used Grand Strategos, and since the boss dealt damage to all of my my minions with Spinecleaver equipped, all my minions other than Excelsious became Bloodfire totems.

Fully agree, and Community as well, full of whining spoiled children :frowning:

:smiley: :wink:


Why does Scion’s Second wish instantly kill MY General? No fair :sob: (oops my bad he had more than 6 attack…)

Dispelling him just makes it worse… he still takes you down with him

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I feel like this battle is bugged. Scions 2nd wish says: "Give a friendly minion +2/+2 and it takes no damage from generals.
Meanwhile, Vol can damage minions with 2nd wish equiped by attacking minions without the buff, while his text says: “Attacks damage all enemy minions”. Clearly there is some misunderstanding in code, since Vol is a general and his effect is also damage. It is the same interaction as Thunderhorn attacking a minion with damage immunity. It doesnt spread. Why are Vol`s attacks damaging Zane with 2nd wish buff?

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This was my solution; A deck based on blast minions. That’s a Kinematic Spelljammer too :joy: