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Boss Battle: Archmagus Vol – Duelyst

Horror Buster is to me the most elegant and efficient. Play it turn one and you can get rid of both Kron and Zane and get a nice 6/6 on board :wink:

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To be honest, the thing i liked the most about this battle was trying to kill zane. "ARE YOU CRAZY?"
no… i am inzane


Sadly it only prevents damage if Zane attacks Vor. When Vor attacks another minion, it just applies raw damage to all other friendly minions, making said buff uneffective.

Probably from a stupid heart attack after getting so much adrenaline in his veins.

Read Zanes text.

No one has mentioned this, so I thought I’d give it a try. Lion are has a new card, I forget the name, cost of 3 double a Minion’s health. I had Zane’s Health up to 69 at one point. Of course, it can be dispelled, but fortunately for me I was able to complete the battle before that happened.

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Ahh you speak of life coil. Its nice but some what slow.


I thought Fountain of Youth was the sole “gem” of the fight, never considered Life Coil


Did you see the diss track by the way? I’m usually not a fan of those kind of things, but dayum it was straight fire.

An escort mission. If gaming culture had taught you anything, it’s that gamers fucking hate escort missions more than any other gaming trope, especially when the escort is too fucking stupid to keep themselves alive. Real innovation, the courage to take several steps back


I tried and beat it the ‘fair’ way, where you actually help the guy out and don’t kill him yourself. (Yes, this gimps me a lot, but I like story).

Did it with Prism Barrier BUT that was frustrating as all hell because Zane kept hitting the archons etc instead of the boss. Battle-pet mechanic made this a chore because the boss kept summoning things in front of it so I had to wait another turn etc.
In the end I beat him down with Zir’an herself because fuck.

Also he dispelled Prism Barrier from Zane Twice, once with chromatic (a staple of every boss apparently) and with shroud. That was a pain as well.

Though I like the creativity, I must say I’m not that amused by being provided a story element and then having the best/easiest way to win the match to remove or ignore that story element. I feel like someone was telling me Little Red Riding Hood and the clue of the story was her just getting UPS to get the basket to grandma and running over the wolf.


I really liked this boss battle. I had to take something else than my usual magmar or abyssian boss decks :smiley:

And all the clever ways to play around Zane are really great.

I love the boss battles and how they make me think outside of the box often. That is really great! So good job and please continue with them!

I don’t want to beat them with my ladder decks, I want to create my own decks. I mean we start with 3 mana in these so our ladder decks are a poor fit in the first place. The game is totally different.

My favorite boss was the one from last week (Archonis or something like that). I loved creating a deck which can utilize the 9 mana :slight_smile: Kraigon on T1 is so much fun :smiley:


just turned him into an Horror and half the problem of the boss battle went away lol

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I finally got my kid’s account past this one. They have almost nothing so this was really challenging. Ended up using Vanar. After letting the NPC kill off a few things I sent him wolf mode. Then just air dropped meaty Vespyrs or big flyers they have. Really hard without 3x units too :smiley:

Funny story… I almost had him in one of the earlier matches. We were both at 2 and he threw out the Lyonar spell that deals 2 damage to everything (Tempest?) and pushed us to a draw. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t legitimately mad I didn’t get credit off of that one but I get it. It was also kinda funny because I had him and if he hadn’t done that it would’ve been game over (he was nowhere near me).

This happened to me so many times, only it was zane at 2…

This time i have gone with Songhai focusing on ranged. This boss still will use chromatic dispel/phoenix fire when available to deal with them, and in very rare occasions tempest…but it was still worth it, as he can’t kill all minions casually with counterattack.

Then main attackers were some widowmakers, arrow whistlers (+1 attack for other ranged) and heartseekers (summoned with bloodborn spell), buffed with killing edge. Artifact defiler was very usefull to take away arclyte regalia or any other artifact, and inner focus/tiger seal to finish off some minions before they could cause trouble.

The tricky part was preventing the pet from advancing by himself and killing himself or your other minions (due to boss counter attack). Had to deliberately leave some enemy minions with provoke alive, put some friendly minions in his way or timely teleport him back with mist dragon seal, ghost lynx or juxtapostition.

Here’s a replay using this strategy: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvrTCWshQJVcu8rUijf

I think this type of deck only works when the boss is very passive tho, not moving and only attacking close-by enemies.

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flsgood to be able use deep fire devour again :slight_smile:


So, late to the party because college took too much time.

This was one of my the BEST bosses I’ve played. First time I tried going with aggro abyssian but it didn’t take long until I realised I wasn’t gonna make it happen due to zane (keep in mind that before my first win I don’t look at the boss battle thread because I don’t like spoilers).

I then realized I could go full mercy on zane with zir’an, and so I did. Life Coil and prism barrier were awesome, but life vitriol was the surprise rookie of the year. I also had excelsious somewhere as a finisher, and zir as a back up, but I did not need them. Here’s my replay: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvqbzEY2CFiU_lRG4kI

After that, I came to the thread to read stuff and found out about the cheesy ways. I then decided I was going to beat him with every faction. And so I did, and they were some of the most fun “duels” I’ve ever had:
Songhai: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvqcTW6xmaGUMRuGU4e
Vanar: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvqcWRfPagZuBnFGJf1
Abyssian: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvqcZdT0RE_UvGyaoS3
Magmar: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvqcbuoZt_YSXAGdLXW
Vet: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KvqceGIsCf7JatpUouW

One of the best bosses ever. Had a lot of fun building decks to defeat it, specially since I didn’t need to use any cards I do not have in my collection. Keep it up, CPG!
(If you watched all of the replays, thank you :3)

i found a picture of what archmagus vole looks like under all that armor


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