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Boss Battle - Andromeda (August 2018)

Boss Battle - Andromeda

A sorceress able to transcend time and space, Andromeda can bend the very fabric of reality. She alone holds the secrets to life, the universe, and everything.

//cdn-cms.bnea.io/sites/default/files/inline-images/andromeda_preview.gif(image larger than 3072KB)

Welcome to a dark dimension to face off against Andromeda.

Here you’ll find all sorts of oddities such as the Moebius, ready to amaze!

Duelyst Boss Andromeda Battlefield
Duelyst-Andromeda-Battlefield.png1200x650 555 KB

“Transcend time and space? Well, I have a deck for you!”

Even the most veteran Generals should come into this fight expecting the unexpected.

Andromeda will warp the very fabric of creation, and whatever minions you bring to battle will morph into new entities!

Be resourceful and flexible, as the only safety you’ll have in this fight are your spells and artifacts.

Duelyst Boss Andromeda Card
200035.png632x772 129 KB

Tread lightly, the earth is at her command.

“This fight is out of this world! Why do it?”

Beat this boss and you’ll earn a free Core Spirit Orb . In addition to this, you’ll also earn a Boss Crate, free to open for spirit, ANOTHER random orb and cosmetic item. Each Orb contains a collection of items sure to enhance your Duelyst experience!

Duelyst Boss Andromeda Callout


I love that her health is 42. Good ol’ Counterplay, come back to us!


I wonder how Trial Maehv works against this.


I have been preparing a deck specially for her.

Eager to try it!

Edit: Can confirm that this deck beats her in every way intended, and provides tons of opportunities for laughs along the way.


I played Wandering Swarm deck (guess what’s the archetype and general :wink: )

My Wanderer became 7/5 Makantor cause I had Chakram equipped.

I love this boss :rofl:


This boss proves that faction world peace is possible (took me thrice as long to get this screenshot 'cause she used two Circles…)


No Vanar there. It just proves the fact that they are complete outsiders in the current meta :slight_smile:


My match just disappeared. Was in the middle of the boss battle, just started to stabilise the board and was turning the match in my favour with both me and the boss around 12hp. Suddenly, my match just kinda stops on my turn but I still press end turn because I could still do that. So I do and I can see the boss doing animations and stuff, but nothing is moving, being summoned etc. So I thought I might have disconnected. Usually I reconnect by opening another Tab and re-open duelyst on that, while keeping the match alive on the one it stopped/disconnected on. But this time the game didn’t reconnect to the match and also didn’t give me the option to reconnect. Also checked my internet connection and that was fine. So wasted my time on a match that has not ended and is still ongoing looking at my match history, but I can’t reconnect to it.

Edit: Played it again and won, but the match that disappeared is still unresolved according my match history as in it hasn’t counted as a lost, draw or win yet.


I just made a deck full of opening gambit stuff that had useful effects… Was a long fight but worked.


You lie. But I was shocked at the low Vanar and Lyonar drop rates.


Had Ebon Ox, Wanderer, and Strategos come out in the same game. Shame you don’t get the destiny effects. I’m still not sure how I got Ox, it came from an Ephemeral Shroud. But that has to be about the best upgrade you can get on a 2 mana minion.

Edit: Watched replay, I had turned away and missed the fact that I got a silithar from the shroud, from which its egg turned into Ox.

Also had a warblade transform into a warblade when I had another golem in play, eveything got +2/+2.


Funny thing, I can’t activate Windcliffe Alarmist’s effect (its opening gambit effect) when battling with this boss. Is anyone encountered the same problems?


I got Rex from Zirix’s BBS (unclear wording on the boss – it works for summons too), and when it died the egg transformed into an Ebon Ox. :slight_smile:

(Ox costs 0)



I just have to share this. It’s one of the most satisfying victories I’ve ever had on a boss battle.


I’ll play and edit with the replay.

Don’t do it. It doesn’t work.


If you’re getting stumped, Strategos blows this boss away.


The only boss that upgrades the Ragnora’s bloodborn spell from a 0/1 to a 5/5. Got to love the discoverablity.


But Hearthsister???

Really fun boss. I really loved playing all the different cards!


A reddit user commented that Ragnora’s BBS reliably provides Ebon Ox, which can be shuffled into the deck with Mirrorrim. The Trial can be completed and Destiny will come online when you play your Ebon Ox copy!


Just play strategos to transform the transformed minion you don,t want into a 1 mana more expensive minion you don,t want :sweat: