Boss Battle: 11/01


So today’s boss battle was an absolute pain in the ass. It took me like 5 tries but I finally beat the stupid thing.

This is a deck I scraped together using cards I currently own in my collection (without crafting any new ones):

Grove Lion was the real MVP of this boss battle. I only had 1, but I would’ve definitely ran 3 if I had more (hence the 3 one-ofs).

If anyone else beat the boss using another deck, please drop it down below! I’m really interested in how other people beat the boss (it was tough not gonna lie), and this thread will also help people that haven’t beaten the boss yet :)))


I beat him using my strategos list i spent 5 tries trying to beat him and that 5 tries was allocated to me trying to get a gm zir from the trial


Yeah, this boss was problematic.

This is the final version of the deck I used.

Note that boss has Gauj, who doesn’t take damage from Widows, Blades or Mystic. Deck is still suboptimal, I almost didn’t use Blades & Shroud (particularly because Shroud ends on enemy’s turn and your General will still take damage when your turn starts). Endless Hunt and Blue Conjurer are for pseudo draw/hand refill, you’ll need it. Aethermaster helps to find Grove Lion and increases damage from Widow.

Probably a better option would be to play Indominus.


My heart literally stopped when he summon that gauj bastard, but then l’kian gave me immolation and everything went smoothly after. Don’t forget those damaging spells y’all


Does ritual banishing count as damage spell? :wink:


Did it with starhorn at first try after trying with some other decks. I just put 2 erratic raptyrs and 1 visionar at the door of the shadow creeps, prayed hard for a plasma storm and killed him with 1 blow


He put a nightwatcher on the square above and to my left, I kept it there so I would sit on my tile and build up and army of scintillas and lancers. #HealIsCheat

This is actually the first turn I was able to clear all his minions and hit him.


Defeat with Doom. Use Lilithe with ShadowDancer to keep alive.


I tried to beat Zendo with Creep Cassyva. I battled for around 30 mintues, only to realise that EVERY minion prevents him from taking any damage. I felt so stupid.


I feel that this version of he boss is a bit easier than how he used to be. In the past, shiitake mushroom didn’t have the minion summoning BBS, so you are more likely to be stuck punching him. Now, he tends to put his wraithlings near your side of the field if you have backline minions there, so you will be less likely to be stuck hitting him. However, this does make him harder to kill, but that’s not very significant if you have a grindy deck.

I beat it with Trial Maehv as usual


Dang, it looks like Zukong didn’t work as planned. Back to the drawing board…


Beat him with a standard Wraithling swarm deck.
Just play Bloodmoon Priestesses to bait out his removal and then slap a Shadowdancer in play to keep yourself healthy. Use Furiosa amd get big Wraithlings to smaah everything to dust.


Ok, I’m back from beating Zendo. Turns out Bond Argeon is really good against him, because your minions are very beefy, and you have Bonds along with some aoe to prepare for that juicy one-shot. I’ll share the decklist for interested.


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