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Boss Batte: N/A

Hello everyone!

For this week, you’ll be going up against…uh…I dunno. We don’t seem to have a boss this week, which will make it quite challenging to explain what it does.

This boss has made itself rather difficult to defeat by being nonexistent. Also, bosses tend to use cards. Since this boss doesn’t exist, it doesn’t use cards, making it tough to assess how to go about beating it.

What we do know about this enigmatic enemy is that it has unknown stats and unknown, well, everything. In order to learn about the unknown, one must first know that they know that the unknown is in fact…unknown. …Ok, this won’t help you learn anything about the boss, but it will at least confirm how confused you are.

Usually, when you defeat a boss, you get a Boss Crate. I have no idea if you would receive one upon winning this time. Winning would involve playing the game, and right now, you are unable to play against the boss. I suppose you’ll just have to win in spirit, and I will personally bestow upon you the Imaginary Boss Crate. It has all sorts of imaginary cards and cosmetics inside (probably), which will be certain to expand your collection mind.


Maybe if we beat this “unboss” then the servers will become immortalized by the same logic.


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