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Thanks alexicon1!

And while I couldn’t advertise my last stream here, I uploaded a match from it:

Intensifying Knucklestorms should be fun, shouldn’t it? :smiley:


While I was gone for vacation some stuff got uploaded to my YT channel which I will post here over the next days (or you head over there for more):

I tried out some Nemeton and enjoyed it immensely :smiley:

Did some work in general on my YT channel and it looks much better now :slight_smile:



Cryo Potential vs. Nemeton. Whose minions are bigger? :smiley:


Who said you were allowed to move?! :smiley:


Playing vs OMA always makes me (over)think a lot :slight_smile:


Tiger in a Lilithe list makes me automatically think of Abhorrent Unbirth…


How to bully Strategos :slight_smile: