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Join and get your drops, have a good time!

Also join Team Wars :smiley:


Thanks for hanging out! Was a good time :slight_smile:


Aww I missed it.


Next time :wink: And I will probably upload some videos from the stream.


I missed it too!! D:


I want to use this thread for future stuff.

Could @yaviey or @alexicon1 please keep this thread open? :slight_smile: Would appreciate it!


It seemed to be just another Xor’Xuul deck…


That’s a big Visionar!


A dedicated Lyonar Golem deck, has been a while since I saw that the last time!



Thanks everybody for hanging out! It was a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I also had this fun game the other day and made a video of it, some little editing included :stuck_out_tongue:


And I thought I was clever with my positioning to block his mana tile…

I’ll upload some more videos during the week.


Here is the next one:

With a replay analysis of its T1 following that match:




Alcuin Fugitive and Fortified Assault work well together.


Well I had the perfect plan…and messed it up. That’s how you get 1 ranged minion instead of 5.

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Sorry @boronian, it’s all yours now :slight_smile: