Boomaye's S RANK top 10 deck - OUTDATED -


EDITED: Unfortunately this deck does not deliver the high WR promised before the last update. tried tweaking it but it is still unfavored against vaath and faye. new deck list works for farming but not for climbing. do appreciate the feedback though:

Hi there,
My name is Boomaye, I am a veteran of hearthstone and been playing Duelyst for about a year.

I maneuvered 3 decks I designed myself to S rank this season and reached top 10 on an impressive win streak of over 20 games and 1 loss (16 with this deck).

if this post gets some hype I’ll write a guide and explanation of card choices (why alomancer and 1 wind slicer for instance)

no further ado, here’s the deck and proof:

EDITED: as requested by fispan, here is a guide to the deck:

Vetruvian more than most factions rellies heavily on position and card prediction. I will try to describe optimal placement of certain cards as well as scenarios in which small advantages can be gained by correct placement.

do not keep any 3 mana drops or dune caster unless one of the conditions below are met.

  • always keep ethereal obelysks and pax.
  • keep wind slicer if you dont have pax or you have at least 1 obelysk in your hand or you are playing second and you are holding either pax or an obelyx.

if playing 1st:

  • always place your obelysk and pax directly in front of you (so it can move and get the enemy mana spring in case he doesnt grab it on turn 1)
  • place wind slicer next to top or bottom rune

if playing 2nd:

  • in case you got no 2 drops, usually it is best to grab your mana spring with a 3 drop and avoid being overwhelmed by an early game big drop from the enemy. exceptions exist, mainly when your 3 drop is an obelysk and the enemy can kill it in the next turn or when the enemy hasnt droped any minions on turn 1. in this case you save your mana spring and put the 3 drop either on top or bottom square adjecent to it or, if obelysk, on top or bottom square adcent to you (thus saving it from lethal).

  • if you have more than 1 pax/obelysk/wind in your hand, always place obelysk/wind on mana spring and pax directly in front of it. the idea is: in order for the enemy to reach your obelysk, he has to kill your pax, which is a bad move since next turn he has to deal with 2 2/2 minions.

later game plays:

  • fireblaze obelysk is very valuable and should not be placed as a regular minion. if you are pushing, put it in reach of as little enemy minions as possible but still close enough to harass, remembering never to place it next or with less then 1 square distance from another silenceable minion (due to lightbender from enemyes or dispels or mankator).

  • aymara is for the most part a “placed and not silenced = game won” card. specifically against magmar and decks that run silencing minions, its placement is very important: you are aiming to have it place in a corner square of your oponent’s hero with another minion and your own hero next to it, in a “L” shaped placement. so for instance, say enemy hero is in front of you. you want to place aymara right on the top square from where you stand and another minion in front of her, so 2 minions and yourself are touching the enemy hero.

  • Grandmaster nosh can be replaced by another big drop, but it is a clear win condition when you have the board.

  • stars fury should not be held on hand for value. if you can kill 2 minions or summon 3 dervishes with it, generally the right play is to use the card even if you believe it can generate more value later on.

in response to chrishaehnel question:

you can make an argument against dominate will, but i wouldnt go for a third whisper of the sands. it is there for the card cycle mechanics mainly with small burst potential secondary. i tried going 3 dunecasters and 3 whispers but they didnt work well when RNG of the draws arent favoring you.

cards you can sub dominate will (and if you are going for full-on consistency, remove allomancer and swap 2-3 of them in):
EMP (though it has negative sinergy with the deck, at a late game with board compromised it is very effective, specially against faye)

sunset paragon - most underrated card in neutral. very unexpected and sure to be a value + play


not sure why it didnt upload the link the first time, but here`s the followup


I am only new to vetruvian (15games) so the guide how to play this deck would be very appreciated. Thanks for sharing.


sure thing bud, gonna edit main post and write a guide


Why dominate will over a third whisper of the sands? Seems like it’d hurt your consistency.


you can make an argument against dominate will, but i wouldnt go for a third whisper of the sands. it is there for the card cycle mechanics mainly with small burst potential secondary. i tried going 3 dunecasters and 3 whispers but they didnt work well when RNG of the draws arent favoring you


Since Grandmaster Nosh is getting pushed to 8 mana after this patch, what would you suggest as a tech?


purpose of nosh is face damage. i can see 1 card being teched in instead of it that is meltdown. if meltdown is nerfed as well, i suggest keeping 1 grandmaster for a “grand finale” move or top deck battles.
depending on how the meta goes, red synja may see plays as well, but the deck would have to be to tweaked for more control


Yeah i just played a few matches with this deck and Nosh finished like 4 times. why do you have wind slicer as a one of? like when do you find yourself using it?
Other than that I really like your deck!


why the autarch’s gift? How has it been working?


wind slicer is not a staple card to have on this deck, but it worked better than any other 2 drops i tried. basically it is a filler card and can be replaced by a 2 drop healing minion, but not for another whisper spell.
i always keep it when i have an obelysk or am playing second and have only 1 other 2 drop (or none)


autarch is surprisingly good, even though its high mana costs constricts you to a single drop on any given turn. direct damage from your hero is a winning condition (falcius win games by himself sometimes) and it works, somewhat, as a drawing card (more card value for less cards). it works well


I don’t own Aymara Healers. What would you use instead? Right now i’m using Bonereapers. Healers aside, don’t know when and how and at what rank you played this, but this deck is pretty trash. 4 out of five games i have no turn 1/2, some games even 3 turns in a row just because this deck is has such a high curve and lots of spells.


Saying its trash is rather rude, and shows your inexperience…he is one of the regular top 50 players and he got there with this deck, so he must be doing something right, he even provided proof. As for turn one plays, you want 9 for consistency, he has exactly that.

However with that said, I disagree with a ton of his choices and at a glance the deck looks super unrefined. In general 3x coppies excluding very lategame things like nosh rank is the way to go. I am also skeptical about him and dominate, but they are not bad, just odd.

Wind Slicer and Autarchs Gifts just look absolutely terrible to me. And with Dissruption Faie and Plasma storm everywhere it is hard to believe he is playing an Oblysk deck in the top ranks.


Ok… I might have exagerated, but for me the deck are eighter good or bad, there’s no such thing as “average”. Still tho, with all the vaaths and Faies in the game around rank 3 there’s little to no change for an Obelisk to really do well. Maybe S ranks are better, maybe there is a little more diversity(i bet there is)… but as it stands now i playing against magmar/faie 3 games out of 5.

I do appreciate the effort… but just because a deck works for him doesn’t mean it is a good deck for everyone else. Still a fun deck to pilot tho…


Very interesting and informative. 1 loss out of 16 games while running to top 10 is impressive indeed, but calling that a 90% win rate is pretty click baity given the small size of the sample.

All the same, congratulations.


I’d been tooling around with a similar build for a while, and made some tweaks to look something like this. Still, If you have the dust for them I think the 2 nosh raks would be better as 3rd wishes, for usefulness throughout the entire game as well as burst damage.


Aymara is the best card in the deck. a sub that isnt at all optimum but can still add a good board presence is Nimbus.


i cant disagree with you. faye really is a favorable match against this deck. regarding dominate, since nosh nerf i refined the deck removing allomancers/dominate and adding a couple of EMP´s. i will update this as soon as i get back from vacation.
i get what you are saying about the wind slicer as well, but imo 3 dunecasters just doesnt work and i find that “9 turn 1 drops” rule to be optimal. that said, it seems the best fit for the 9th slot position. plasma isnt such a issue btw, you just have to remeber the rule of thumb, no more than 2 obelysks at a time.


agreed. will change the title since the WR hasnt been as consistent as i thought it would.