Bonds Magmar Brew- Vaath, Mealstrom Wielder


Hello again, i’ve got another decklist with some of the new cards. I’ll probaly be posting more since this expansion is so fun to tinker with, but for now i’ll show you this deck based on cascading rebirth:

The aim of the deck is to get a card like grimes or a spent makantor and cascade them into something huge. if that doesn’t work you can win by overwhelming your opponent with value minions or use juggernaut (who i’ll be calling Timmy for the rest of the post) as a backup plan. Now to explain the cards.

Flash Reincarnation: Do i really have to explain this? It’s a magmar staple for a reason

Celebrant: This helps ramp into our bigger threats while being able to ping the plethora of 1 health minions in this meta. Is arguably the best 2-drop in the game

Kujata: More ramp to get us going. also pings targets like Taygete and Timmy for aoe or eggs respectively

Young Silithar: It’s just a good minion for the cost

Cascading Rebirth: Now, for the centerpiece of the deck. Use it on a 5-drop to get a 50/50 of dreadnought or makantor. makantor is obviously better but since we have a lot of eggs dread could work too. if used on a 6 drop it will spawn an unstable leviathan or a silithar elder. both are amazing value for turn 3-4, where you’ll generally be getting them with flashes and such

Ragebinder: This isn’t a golem deck but a 3/4 rebirth is good value. ocasionally you’ll also get the heal from leftover celebrants and slashers

Thumping: Useful as removal or a finisher. One of the best cards in magmar

Taygete: You don’t see her much anymore with the nerf but she fits perfectly into this kind of deck. use her with ramp spells to get an aoe or use her to zone out an opponent.

Earth Sphere: It’s healing. You need it

Lavaslasher: A removal spell with a body attached that can be cascaded for more value? Yes please. This card is amazing.

Plasma Storm: This kills so many popular things right now it’s ridiculous.

Grimes: Rebirth Fodder. when flashed he spawns 2 random tribe minions and a magmar 7-drop for 6 mana.

Makantor: It’s Makantor Warbeast. You can’t not play it. Can be cascaded after attacking for a 7-drop

Juggernaut: Timmy is a good backup win-con if you can’t get anything working. you can also get lucky and get the double flash Timmy opener.

Well, that’s the deck. I hope you guys have fun sacrificing grimes and lavaslashers to our lord and savior Makantor Jesus


That is really cool, the only thing I had done with cascade so far was with an egg deck. This is a really innovative use for it with more of a plan to use it on big minions then low cost ones. I am inspired, I think I am going to try it out in a more golem oriented deck that way we can have one more piece of ramp to work with.


yeah, rebirth is such a cool card. you can use it on smaller minions if you’re in a pinch but it’s better saved for your 5 or 6-drops. I didn’t expect to use grimes much when he was revealed but he’s a real all-star here


Grimes really is a perfect fit for what your doing…but oh do I loath RNG.


well, to be honest, you don’t need good pulls for it to work. you just get the ocasional blowout of getting scientist or calligrapher or something


Cascading on an egg, does it work? Ie you upgrade to the value of the minion+1, not an 0 cost egg+1?


no idea, i havn’t tried it since eggs aren’t good targets unless you’re testing the mechanic


Yep, I have done it on dispelled eggs, gives you a 1 cost.


ok good, then all that remains is if someone has tried on a non-dispelled egg.


OK finally tested this, cascading an egg does not work, ie it just produces a 1 or 2 (I forget) value minon no matter the value of the minion in the egg.


Any egg technically costs 1 mana, so it produces 2 drop when cascaded.


Sounds delicious! I hope you like poached eggs!

In all seriousness, this deck looks pretty cool. I don’t see any card draw, though. Have you thought about L’kian in this deck as more draw as well as another Cascading Rebirth target?


I didn’t think about lkian. I really havnt needed card draw for most games because of how top heavy the deck is. As for the name maelstrom is a reference to the more well known cards in magic the gathering that interact with the keyword cascade.



It’s specifically referencing this card.


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