Bond Argeon deck help?


I made this list based on @deathsadvocate’s budget Argeon list, and I want some quick feedback before I start testing it out. I have about 3000 spirit to spend on improving my decks at the moment, so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance! :lyogiggle:


Aegis Barrier goes a long way


That’s a big investment, but I’ll make sure to try it out. Thanks.


Here is my current Bond Argeon list, still fine tuning it but I am getting close to posting it along with my other lyonar stuff on my master thread.

The most important card to upgrade a bond list is Aegis Barrier. While Exorcist is super cool, Giago is almost as good. Cant say I am a fan of Prominence, and other then that our lists are pretty similar.


Thanks. :grinning:


And on a related note my upgraded Zeal Tempo deck skips bond entirely:

You are currently sitting somewhere between it and my bond list, which could also work just fine. As again I am still working on my lyonar stuff.

DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron

Crafted Aegis Barrier…


Why’d you replace H.mystic? The versatility of a 2 health heal is great especially when taking into consideration that your main wincon’s supposed to be bond


My mistake! It’s supposed to be Mystic instead of Herald.


consider le tigress. It’s like dancing blades but better in argy boi


So I take some pride in the amount of Bond that I’ve played. (Been playing Bond to some degree pretty much every season since I started in October 2015) and I actually made some budget Bond lists last month for Boronian’s budget deck guide. I also made from rank 4 to S last month with the 1000 spirit version but have a 2000 and full (10000) spirit versions to kind of show the progression I take with it.


Thanks for the lists!


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