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Ok so i have been racking my brain for a few weeks to make a onyx jaguar deck work. I love the interaction the card has with kaelos and other songhai cards. The biggest issue that I am running into though is not the slower build up that jaguar is with in it self, but creating a board presence for jaguar to capitalize on.

I feel onyx jaguar is best used by being dropped when you already have a few units established on the board who then can be buffed that turn.

So here is my issue with the deck. I can’t, for the life of me establish any fkn board presence that can actually stick before turn 5. For the most part it feels like all songhai units in general are just one turn use and then they get obliterated by pretty much anything the next turn.

Here is the basic shell of the deck i have been working with.

The “odd” cards here are the Cryptographer and Redsteel. I feel they have decent synergy in the deck tho as Kaleos BBS triggers onyx and Redsteel gets triggered from general use of your BBS allowing him to be buffed up pretty quickly to some high numbers.

I know i’m not the best player which adds to this difficulty. I also have been running into a lot of magmar players and i feel any magmar unit comes out on top when trading with songhai units, unless backstab is used.


Don’t know what rank you are, but here’s my Jaguar deck from a while ago back before Katara got nerfed and before the Trials expansion was out. It was good enough to reach Gold and probably even Diamond if I played Duelyst more. Nowadays, I don’t know how good it would be.

I think in your version that Redsteel is a bit too slow for the deck because without the BBS its a 3 mana 2/3 which is bad. I would have Battle Panddo over Redsteel, as Battle Panddo can be hard for your opponent to deal with and can damage backline minions with its effect. While Cryptographer could be replaced by Bloodbound Mentor depending how good you are keeping your hand relatively full with cards. I would consider adding in cards that are generally considered good, or hard to have a clean answer against. Maybe things like Dioltas (sticky minion), Scroll Bandit (can draw/steal cards), Ki Beholder (limits your opponent’s minion movements which can deny mana tiles early), Lantern Fox (for more Phoenix fires for removal/burst), etc. If spirit cost is a problem then looking towards cheaper alternatives like Primus Shieldmaster, Hailstone Golem, Wild Tahr, Blistering Skorn etc. Can be another way to go.

If you feel comfortable about it, post your full deck list and maybe one or two games you’ve had with the deck. Then you can have other players give you better feedback on your deck and different views on what you could do within a match itself to improve yourself.


This is my list:


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