Board Clearing Spells/Abilities


I understand Duelyst doesn’t have any complete board clear, but I was still wondering:

Why do they exist in card games? Should they? On either side of it, legitimately, why???

This does stem from frustration with Magmar and Plasma Storm. Magmar just feels so overloaded every step of the way. Any advice on dealing with them via msg is appreciated. Rant over :laughing:


Vet has one…Songhai ,Vanar and Magmar have 2 or 3 card combos that can clear the full board


Here’s my thought: If there were no mass board clears, there would be no risks to making tempo plays. Because of cards like Tempest, Ghost Lightning, and Blistering Skorn to name a few, players have to consider preserving cards for later. I wouldn’t commit too much to the board if I thought my opponent could have Enfeeble for example. Without AoE, this game would be a race to claim the board every time.


Board clears allow for lategame decks to say, “You had your opportunity, now it is my turn” in regards to tempo. It’s a big part of the reason all control doesn’t get steamrolled by aggro.


Powerful board clear is often expensive to use, to the point where an aggro deck will be in the lead by the time the clear comes.

At that point, the game comes down to seeing if the aggro deck can regain enough momentum to finish the game, or if the control deck survives long enough to stabilize and quash the opponent (who has likely used most or all of their resources by this point).

I’m not sure why you seem so against board clear, especially since it’s fairly uncommon in Duelyst, which is a game that favors aggro more than control.


How much mana does it take for each faction to do board clears? Enfeeble might as be considered as one, and that costs 3? Plasma Storm is 5, meanwhile poor Vets’ is 8.

It’s just the concept. The topic brings back my time messing with yu-gi-oh where you could be putting effort and developed a good line, then suddenly “Black Hole” POP all your effort gone, just like that.

Things like that often feel unsatisfying and frustrating to play with.


Magmar doesn’t seem like a controlling type of faction/deck, so why the Plasma Storm? I always thought they were majority aggro


Magmar used to be much slower before the expansion. If you have a look at crafting, you will see they have some good control tools. Many players would love to see Magmar slow down again in the next future.


Mag has not very great 3 drops, which leads to poor aggro. They did just get Thraex, which supports that archetype, but they never really had the draw to sustain it outside of Starhorn Swarm.

If you look through the Magmar cards, though, they have a TON of good 4+ cards, which lends itself very handily to midrange, and if you choose to take more answers, to control as well.


I’d say out of all the factions, Magmar has the strongest control, which makes sense since most of its stronger cards are 4+ while other factions have hefty 2-3 drops. It’s pretty slow outside of Starhorn, which is considered to be overall weaker than Vaath anyways, especially after the burn/draw cards from the latest expansion eventually get nerfed. The question you ask is a bit weird, since no board clear is the same between factions. I feel bad for Vet in general, but I think that might be partially because I’m a Magmar player and that matchup is an EZ win.

I wouldn’t call Yu-Gi-Oh the pinnacle of balanced card games, and certainly not a standard to compare to. To be fair though, if you didn’t have a counterspell card by the time the opponent felt it necessary to use black hole, you kinda deserved it.

If board clear didn’t exist, other means would be created to deal with aggro, such as powerful provoke minions that are immune to spells or something. The point is there has to be something to keep aggro in line, and board clear has been one of those answers since essentially the dawn of CCG’s.


I don’t get this though because it seems that they early cards are so good too that you can’t put much significant dents into their health up to mana 5. I guess what I’m wondering is why board control feels so early. As I brought up, Enfeeble is 3, Tempest 2. 2 Tempest will probably wipe out most boards for 4 mana and 2 cards (compared to 5 mana and 1 on Plasma).


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