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Bloodtide Priestess is OP. Nerf Bloodtide Priestess!1111


He may be better than this Alplod, but is he better than the other Alplod?


The one that was banned by bandai?


Please, don’t remind me … and them :zipper_mouth_face:


If I could change Priestress she would be a 3/4 or 2/4. I really don’t like the x/x stats of most of the Abyssan staples. I would even go as far as rework Dancer to a 4/5. Heck, she is a 5 mana wincon.


These are buffs. CPG doesn’t buff. CPG nerf.


ok, then nerf them to a 3/4 or 2/4 and 4/5 respectively

[spoiler]And I am also not thinking about Phoenix fire, THUNDERBOMB, 8gates+Ghost Lightning or Cobra Strike. They are all castable with Crescent Spear anyways! I am ABSOLUTELY thinking about Frostburn, because Vanar removal has to be nerfed further! Important factions like lyonar have Lucent Beam to get rid of a 4 health minion Most of the time Sun bloom will do the job. Vetruvian got enough options to kill from afar now with Kamehamethunder, BoA, Graphnel or Ankh. Magmar, poor magmar has Lavalance and maybe some more removal.

I don’t think a rework is urgent. I just think it could be fun to be able to play around some of the removal instead of just hoping any removal fails to find its way into the opponents hand. [/spoiler]


I think making it a 1/1 for 9 is more reasonable


Make blood tide a build minion :open_mouth:


Making it a 2/4 in order to avoid rebuke/pf/Thunderbomb would be amazing


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