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Bloodtide Priestess is OP. Nerf Bloodtide Priestess!1111


Dear CPG,

I know you hesitate to buff anything, so I’m asking for a nerf. Bloodtide priestess has an OP statline. For an infinite value generator 3/3 is just too much. Let her produce wraithlings as usual but please tone down her immense offensive power to 2/3. That way the card will be much more fair.

And no, it’s not because of her dying from both rebuke and plasmastorm.



You’re better than this alplod


Stupid times demand stupid solutions.


I was just thinking how silly it was that nerfing her attack would actually be a buff, considered making a post, and had half of it done. Then you went and did it for me. asshole


Just post it here slowpoke


2/3 may be a bit much of a nerf. I would greatly prefer 2/4.

This has nothing to do with Phoenix Fire.


It was more or less what you said, except I brought up that it was unfair for an infinite value engine to also be able to beat down two-drops, as if they weren’t suffering enough at the recent rise in the strength of AoE.



YoU’rE BeTtEr ThAn tHIs aLpLoD

I had to I’m so sorry


WoAh there buckaroo that’s a pretty stale meme you got there.


Spongemock is an oldie but a goldie


Just the former.


I guess the latter is subjective. I’m sticking by it :cry:


Bloodtide Priestes now 5 mana 4/7?


Nah, shadowwatcher is the real problem card here.

Shit’s broken!


Bloodtide priestess 4/3 for 5.


you missed the entire point of the thread


Not really. Then it will dodge plasmastorm. But shadowdancer already does that


No I just legitimately don’t like bloodtide priestess


Well played good sir!


You made a mistake. Can you find it yourself?