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Bloodbound deck idea


this deck main goal is to get geomancer out and try to combo the rest of the deck off of that, in my experience after geomancer is out i get to swarm the opponent with phoenix fire by comboing it with bloodbound mentor and meditate. after you get to meditate your phoenix fire gotatsu is in there to try to get it out more consistently and seal the kill.

edit: I have been thinking about adding abjudicator, redsteel minos and phoenix barrage in the deck but I am not sure if it would be a good fit, but i know you guys could always help out tweaking my deck.


If you want to have fun, I guess it’ll work. Someone on the forum was already working on a deck like this several months ago.
For a burn deck, however, that’s too slow.

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Alcuin Fugitive and/or Twilight Sorcerer would be a great match for this deck. A nice break away from the Shidai meta.

I would remove Killing Edge and Gotatsu. And possibly use Heaven’s Eclipse since you really only need 3 spells.

If you want to add Abjudicator, I’d remove Celebrant but its not really that great for Blood Surge decks. And imo Pheonix Barrage isn’t necessary since you have Thunderbomb. The 5 mana would be best spent on minions. Also Manaforger seems kinda redundant since he’s mostly early game. Sanguinar will do all the heavy lifting! Maybe something like Spelljammer or a decent low cost minion like Ephemeral.

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okay, now that I can finally get back in my account because for some reason the fucking website wasn’t fucking work even when I tried to login with a new account.

I get what you’re trying for but a basic burn deck w/o 8g8s would do the same thing but better. Whiplash, KE, sanguinar, and meditate are not cards I would consider to be good, tenketsu is less than ideal but its not completely out of place, I’ve seen it being runned to some success. Instead I like OBS, spear and another 3 drop that’s not absolute shite like battle pando/fox/rok boi. But in the end, that would just be a basic burn deck so idk.

EDIT: Just wanted to add in there, Sanguinar is shite not simply because the ability is shite but because you got too many moving parts to this deck already. The deck needs to be more streamlined into getting geo out quick as possible then build up your hand for lethal by 8 mana. Adding Sanguinar, a 4 cost minion that’s not spelljammer, slows that plan down by a lot similar to tenketsu but at least with tenketsu it provides draw and helps build lethal as well as extra fuel to clear board in case just 3 dmg here and there isn’t cutting it.

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I like all of your guys feedback and made some changes to the deck like adding lantern fox witch i have no idea why i didnt have him in the deck in the first place.

also I want to touch upon why i have mana forger in the deck, I have him in only so i can play 1 drop phoenix fires. i find that when i dont have him i have a whole bunch of phoenix fires but not enough mana to play them.

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I wrote up a post recently on BBS decks, which included this sample Songhai list:

Alplod also made a similar deck with slightly less BBS synergy.

The key synergy card your original build is missing is Crescent Spear, which is honestly OP in burn but isn’t popular enough to seem oppressive.

These minion-based decks are overall worse than a standard Songhai burn build, but the BBS minions are fun to play with. Whiplash, Sanguinar, and Tenketsu actually aren’t terrible cards and are mostly held back just by their statlines. You have to adjust your expectations compared to a regular burn list: while you’re still trying to sculpt your Action Bar into OTK configuration, all the card advantage effects allow you to play a grindier, value-based game early on and set up for the kill a little later.

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bro i swear im not stealing your decks :cry::cry::cry:

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LOL! Well, given that it’s been over a year since the last expansion, good luck making anything that’s 100% original! :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though, I made my posts in the hopes that people would experiment more with the archetypes, and have been linking to them with the intent of contributing to the discussions you’ve started here. I certainly make no claims to exclusivity, and these concepts (“deck based around BBS”, “deck based around replacing”, etc.) are too broad anyways for anyone to reasonably claim ownership. Really I’m just glad to see people still innovating here in the game’s twilight period!


wow man you are really cool glad to hear that you actually care about the community and not just about being credited :grinning:

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Pretty much applies to the sum of human history to this point. But originality vs. innovation is a fun debate!

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