Bloodborne Spells


Hi,i would ask you all if you think that is legal.

The creatures that have a trigger effect that starts when you use your class ability should be confirmed if them trigger it or not,i mean :
Lyonar use the class ability to heal a FULL Health minion,if you have scintilla on the board the general gain +3hp.
NO THIS IS WRONG,cause you dont healed nothing,+0 is not heal,is like catching with hand the air,its a wrong use of a trigger ability,is bad.
Same thing for Magmar,if you have 1 card in the deck and starhorn use the ability with 0 cards in the deck,the magmar player should be defeated and not,it finish on draw! Same if u both have 1 card in deck,no is wrong cause if you activate an effect,you trigger it 1st,then the enemy trigger,cause you dont draw together,and it should be changed this thing because people abusing on those “little” bugs.
Same for Abyssian(Lilith) when use Grandmaster Variax,if your enemy spawn a 5/5 double wraithligs why all others 1/1 becomes 5/5 if the spell says : summon furious wraithlings

I hope you take a look of those,and fix it


Ok I guess, first of all Bloodsurge reads “whenever you use your BBS” not “whenever the effect of your BBS triggers”, secondly Scintilla nerf would affect healonar more than Argeon and we don’t really want that. About Magmar, I don’t really understand what you meant, can you please explain it to me?
Oh, and if you start a nerf thread (because this is what it is tbh) make sure you add some reasoning to it because no one will take you serious and you sound like typical salty person who lost a couple of games ¯_(ツ)_/¯


The spell says “all your wraithlings become furious”


i think with the magmar thing he’s suggesting the rules be like mtg where if you draw a card when you have no deck you lose


Yes but scintilla says : when something is healer healer your general by 3,but if you heal for +0 is not an heal,so the effect shuld never start with the bloodborne activation.
And yes,for the magmar i suggest the normal mtg rules about drawing

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Well looks like someone lost games to these huh.
Well scintalla it’s upon activation of your bbs it doesn’t have to heal anything. There are cards that say you need to heal something before they activate that’s not one of them. Overdrawing is still drawing you might not have the space for the card but you drew it. Now if you have no cards in hand which is a strange game I would say. It’s empty card draw deals 2 damage to you. So it’s a race with ur hp. So card draws don’t draws anything but you take damage equal to what you would be drawing. Lilith variax… It says all wraithilings gain 5/5. You seem new don’t let loses get to you it’s a game you need to understand the game a little more and you only get that by playing.


i think you just simply misread most of the cards and effects description.

everything works as intended right now and those effects works the way they are supposed to work.


Scintillas effect is a blood surge one. Meaning its not dependant on the heal but rather the activation of a BBS, you can trigger her with sunbreaker or argeon as well.

oh and Starhorns BBS just draws each player a card, if one can’t draw the 2 fatigue damage are dealt as usual, so i don’t see the problem either.


No it doesn’t.
So it means that when you get this minion from for example Reaper of the Nine Moons the effect still activates when you use Abyssian BBS, or even AWESOME BBS.


The healing this has been discussed before and I do believe CPG will stand by the way it works currently.
Just because something is at max health doesn’t mean it can’t be healed.
Its why you can use holy immolation on a full health minion.


Actually it cannot be healed if it is at full health, yes u can use healing effects on them such as holy immolation and sundrop elixir. But that does not count as “healing” otherwise cards that rely on healing would become activated by this


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