Bloodborn roar not working on Grandmaster Z'ir



GrandMaster Z’ir not being able to use Argeon Highmane’s Bloodborn Spell in a certain situation. Could be an issue with all bloodborn spells.

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After becoming Grandmaster Z’ir in a game where my general died, I played a sunbreaker and after it died my roar blood born spell wasn’t working. I lost the game to the bug :frowning: but regardless here are some links of the bug taking place.


Thanks for the report, Ill forward it along through our team.


So here we are 3 months later and the issue is still in the game… probably been here for a lot longer.
And I thought this was on purpouse because it has never worked for me, but today I saw a game where a player actually used it without problems!

So really all this time using Z’ir I didn’t even know… come on it’s just wrong to have such a bug for that long. Maybe give him a different BBS if this one doesn’ work.

As you can see on the gif that the op made, you choose a unit instead of applying the BBS correctly when your hero is Z’ir after death of Argeon… no special conditions involved.

System:Windows 10 Client:Standalone


Bug is still in the game
Once Z’ir was on the field I couldn’t use roar on anything.