Bloodborn Magmar: Anti-draw, Pain, and Eggs


Sorry I missed last weeks post, but between not having much time to play, and the expansion coming out I wanted to wait. I am in the slow process of updating my older threads, for the most part Drogon is probably replacing Elucidator or Sunsteel in my Vaath Decks, and of course my Antidraw Starhorn deck got re-featured here. I will try to get around to updating everything by the end of the week.

So to start off this is the Anti-Draw Starhorn deck I took to S this season. Once the patch dropped I put the deck together and flew with about an 80% win rate from low diamond to S.

It uses ramp to speed up your clock and pull off Deciumus/Vindicator+Tectonic/Entropic Gaze combos early, and of course speeds us into Mandrake. It has the usual thumping/rush Package but without Lucy since the 4 slots are busy. Between Starhorn, Tectonic, and Gaze we are perfectly happy to vomit our hand.

The deck just has so much out of hand burst potential, yet is a bit more stable and can play the long game better the dedicated aggro list. It can either be hyper aggressive, or go passive and wait for its big combos to finish the game later, constantly spilling out threats or removing your opponents with rush.

Dropped Kujata, Rex, and Taygete in favor of Healing Mystic, Azure Herald, and Natural Selection. Because aggro is yet again the meta, as a rule the slightly slower deck tends to win, so add in a little bit of healing and a solid control spell and now we have a deck with insane burst that can last just a little longer then its aggro counterparts.

Here is the new and very cancerous AggroMar. Rancour+self damaging effects can lead to turn two wins. Add in some standard aggro tech, the old rush/thump package, drogar finisher, the insane and out of hand damaging draw power cards to sustain the aggro, Vaaths BBs and you have an aggro deck that is about as bad as Reva Spellhai at its strongest.

Makantor is actually a little slow for the deck even with flash, that should speak volumes as to how good the deck is…its so blasphemous that Makantor does not make the cut!

If you prefer Starhorn it’s a small step to adapting the deck. Drop Crypto, and Drogar for Vindicator and Makantor and your good to go.

Cryptographer has a lot of potential since we are already running Drogar, and Thraex. Testing it over DreamGazer.

Dropped Primus and Thraex for Flash and Decimus. Antidraw magmar has been the meta, decimus counters the meta, and we were already running the tools that break him. Thraex was underperforming, and flash really speeds things up and lets us pull off wicked combos.

And finally a variation somewhere between my Vaath Smash and Queen Vath, looking to play a control game but also including the potentially powerful and swingy combo cards C-Burst and the new Valknu. I have not really tested it yet, and I suspect Valknu just is not worth the slot, but I do want to try and make him work and this seems like the best bet.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it.

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turn 1 flash reincarnation+vindicator, turn 2 tectonic spike…


Yep, have also gotten 11 damage to the face vindicators on turn 2 as player two.


This is amazing, so fluid to play!


This a magmar thread? Good okay so I haven’t played real people with my star horn deck but it’s one of my easiest comp stomp decks. So many cards that go right to people face. A 2/25 minion is so funny to play but I dont see It getting much play if only we could make some time of twin fans combo cause if you could pull it off that extra damage is his base attack and thus can’t be dispelled I think k.


He isn’t simply a 2/25 he copies your health and attack, including buffs and abilities from artifacts which then become permanent on him. It’s put together so he can gain frenzy, tons of attack, and egg hatching.

He can even copy the extra attack Drogar gives if you can hatch him the turn he comes out with MorinKhur or Eggmorph.

The deck already could not find room for Adamantine Claws, much less fang. Although I may try to fit them at some point. Fang takes to much dedicated set up to use properly, it’s pretty hard to make it better then Claws or Khur unless you build around it.

Is he actually a good card? Eh probably not, but he is really cool. I really wish he had an effect simmilar to Lyonar Grandmaster and was actually treated as a general, then he would be insane.


I’d combo it with twin gang or iradiam scale or with a grincher… U can flash a grincher. But really I like twin fang cause to u can play turns earlier. As long as you have cards out they won’t be able to remove it a rancor guarantees you have one left on ur Artifact.

Solo vaath deck?

I got tears in my eyes seeing Vindi back in game.
It’s not that I want this Aggro for us as our main philosophy as you know if you read some posts of me in the past. But having Vindi with 15/17 stats for lethal on 6 Mana as P1 - that was furious!


Made a few small edits. Included a Starhorn Adaption for the AggroVaath List.


Major updates to the first two lists. The meta is beginning to settle a little, and I have had some time to test.


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