Bloodborn Lilith Part Two


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So this one I have dubbed Watch the Master…because its all about deathwatch and the grandmaster.

It is very similar to my Master Challenge deck, it just drops the Burster package in favor of some classic Abyss picks Priestess, and Kelaino. Still not running cresendo or anything like that because its a bit to hard to set up between how fast the meta is and how many aoes there are.

The game-plan is pretty simple, the deck is just crammed with healing making it very hard for aggro to deal with you. Its got quite a bit of removal to deal with slower decks. Priestess is usually a more defensive card to make a wraithling shield then it is a primary win con. Its all about getting your Grand Master out, hopefully early with darkfire, and just abusing that BBS.

I went into more detail on the rest of the picks in part one. I think this may be about as good as it gets and am having a lot of fun laddering with it.

Edits: Dropped L’kian for sphere of darkness. It’s a sollid card and helps us consistently get out Variax. Once Variax hits we don’t usualy need more card advantage, and the decks curve is high enough to usualy keep us from running out before that.

Dropped punish for whip. Punish is a great card, but even with the blood tear combo it is to often a dead card. Backline units have low health so whip does a good job finishing them, and once this deck pushes into the late game your usually going to win, so whip gives you all the stalling time you need and wont proc dying wish.

So after Burster got hotfixed my Master Challenge deck just was not quite as consistent. I still really like burster and wanted to try and make him work. What better way to do that then to combine it with another card I really love Consuming Rebirth. This is effectively an update to one of the other off decks that were part of the Eternal Army Series. Its a bit gimmicky, but it is a lot of fun.

And finally just a dedicated control set up, even more healing, even more removal to just ensure that you will be able to get the late game and abuse your Grandmaster. I have have not tested it very much but I suspect it may be a little slow.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. Check out part one here:

Bloodborn Cassyva

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