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I call this deck Master Challenge. This ones name is a bit more obscure but I am rather proud of it. Challenger Deep is the deepest part of the ocean and is often referred to as the Abyss. Horror Burster is based on a deep sea Scorpion. So Master Challenge implies a very difficult quest to the deepest part of the Abyss, the place where you will find such deep sea creatures such as Burster, led by the legendary Grandmaster of the Abyss.

Onto the deck. Early on it looks to drop cheap utility minions that are hard to wipe with aoes or pings, all of which help stall the game for you. They are all prime targets for Burster. You can either drop a couple things and suicide with Burster, or if you have an active minion and or your worried you can’t keep your board you can sacrifice your Burster instantly for crazy early game value.

Then the primary core of the deck is Ramp+Grandmaster Variax. The deck is built on a control shell packed with healing to help drag the game out to get maximum value out of Variax. Of course ramp makes Revenant shine as well, and provides combos with Burster or Shadow Dancer.

Variax is very strong but you need to be able to survive doing nothing for two turns when you summon her unless your lucky enough to drop her early with darkfire, which should just about always be a priority. Once you have your awesome BBS unless you have a big lead, you usually want to retreat to a corner so you can wall your self in, and slowly overwhelm the board with your 5/5s. I know it seems odd to run three copies of an expensive card you never want to cast more then once. But trust me, you want it for the consistency, it is the backbones (Heh cus ya know she has a bunch of those.) of the deck.

It’s a very strong deck, the healing makes aggro fizzle, it has good removal, dispel, the potential to close games super early with Burster, or to go to the unstoppable late game with Variax. Unlike a normal swarm or death watch deck, this does not really need to develop much of a board nor is it very weak to aoe.

Shadow Dancer provides ping, healing, and often time just an alt win con. Between dancer and our cheap healing minions, which we run because of Burster, there is no need or room for Kelaino.

Between a medium curve, L’kian, and resource management card advantage is rarely an issue, especially even with an empty hand all we really need is our awesome BBs.

Punish is a great card but does require some thought and planning to use. Between our small swarm of hard to remove but low attack critters, and Blood Tear wounding things is pretty easy.

Edits: With the Burster hotfixed he feels to inconsistent now. See Part two of for my ladder Variax Deck:

The Bloodborn update for my Eternal Army deck. Not a whole lot has changed. After the Skorn and Rite nerf the deck slowed down a lot. So to help make up for this I dropped both rite and darkfire in favor of punish and L’kian. This lets us just play the tempo game instead of trying to go all in for combos leaving it a little less flashy but more stable. With darkfire out our curve is now high enough that L’kian does the card advantage job better without loosing tempo like rite. Our eternal minions that pop up on all parts of the board and of course Skorn make it very easy to use punish. It can still pull the same tricks as the old version just usually requires a little more set up in trade for more stable tempo. It’s about on par with the pre-nerf Skorn/rite version.

This one I call Angry Lord. Furosa=Fury=Angry, Baronete=Baron=Lord.

To end today’s post I bring you a proper wraithling swarm deck. It’s pretty competitive with its Furosa+Crypto combos, on top of having insane burst out of nowhere with Baorenete combos. It can either swarm and overwhelm or turn a single wraithling left alive into a game ender.

It plays every single wraithling card. I was not to sure about some of them, like Necrotic, and Horn, but they all come together really well. It can dump it’s hand early like swarm does and later refill with rite. Or switch over into control mode with its abundance of removal while it waits for the moment to one shot your opponent with a baron combo.

There is no death watch or sacrifice effects to be had here because this deck values its minions and does not want any of them to die. It can be pretty aggressive, and has a decent late game.

I have put much less testing into it then the other two, because despite that it is not as vulnerable as traditional swarm to Aoe, especially small pings, a well placed tempest, immolation, Frostburn, or frenzy still usually cripples us beyond recovery. This discourages me from playing it competitively because I dislike the Rock Paper Scissors effect of do you have Aoe? Yes? I loose. No? I win. But it is a lot of fun, and if your tired is the usual death watch or Big Abyss and just want to play proper swarm, this is probably the best way to do it. Perhaps it would be better with classic picks like Revenant and Blood Priestess over some of the more clunky wraithling cards, but I like it how it is.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it.
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Bloodborn Lilith Part Two

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