Bloodborn Cassyva


I have been meaning to make a Cass thread for awhile now. Her decks are mostly built for us and there is not a whole lot of variation between the competitive versions floating around. However there are a couple different routes you can go with her. So here is my take at optimizing them as well as a couple unique builds.

Fast Cass:

Really not much to say about it, pretty standard. Go face, make creep, heal, win. Its the standard competitive Cass deck, this is just my take.


Way to much Aggro in this game, always makes me sad to see Cass get watered down into yet another aggro deck. So much potential to play the long game with a lot of powerful synergy.

While the list is not to different from Fast Cass you will notice it has a slightly higher curve and more focus on the long game. This decks goal is to drag the game out, as the longer the game goes the more devastating your creep synergy cards are.

Focus on keeping the board clear and do not go face. Tiger is a very good removal card when combined with your BBs. Klax is great for being on the defensive and if her effect procs its usually game over. Blade provides both healing and pseudo removal. Remember you are relying on curving out not draw power so conserve your resources don’t vomit your hand.

Dedicated Control:

Similar to the previous deck but pretty much always plays the long game, every bit of healing and removal we could shove in. I have had some decent sucess with it.


So this version looks to combine Death Watch and Creep.

Gor is surprisingly good, he makes your deck effectively immune to natural selection, and is always available to hit with your own bbs to create creep, proc Death Watch, damage stuff for punish, or as constant healing with Kelaino.

Our two Death Watch units, Shadow Dancer and Blood Priestess are classics. Very powerful and reliable. We do not run crescendo or anything like that because its a bit to hard to set it up reliably, besides we have obliterate as a wincon.

Thanks to the medium curve L’kian provides all the draw we need and with how the deck is set up pretty much anything she pulls will be useful.

Now the weirdest part of the deck is three Obliterates! Yep that’s right, and no it is not overkill. Running three lets us replace it every time we see it unless we are ready to use it, and feel pretty confident we can find it later. Because the deck has the alternate win path with DeathWatch its safe to just use Obliterate as a board wipe rather than a finisher, and when using it like that we want to have more then one on reserve.

Bloodborn Cass:

And finally the weirdest one of the bunch.

While Variax is not good for traditional Cass she does open up a new way to build her. More control/ramp, no obliterate, Azalea optional, and it makes Shadow Nova playable again. Will it be top tier? Probably not. But diversity is good.

The deck runs enough low drops for Darkfire Sacrifice, combined with draw to try and find your win cons Juggernaut and Variax.

It also sort of helps bring back budget Cass. Sub Rite of the Undervault for Soujner, sub Sister for Healing Mystic, and Revenant for Azure Herald and now you have a fairly cheap and competitive deck. Yea it takes a little to invest in bloodborn orbs, but its still cheaper then normal Cass, and a lot of fun.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. Check out my previous post here:

Rise of the Bloodborn Cassyva : same same?

From my experience, it’s not that hard to hold on to your win-con card and try to play as much useful cards out as possible. To justify putting 3 copies of an one-off card into your deck, the reason should be you absolutely need that many copies to make sure you can hit one before 8 mana + enemy at lethal health.


Right after the part you quoted I explained that it’s more often used for board control multiple times then for lethal in that deck. It plays verry different from standard Cass. The ability to both replace and find it with ease is valuable.

I am perfectly aware it’s usualy best as a one of, you will notice my standard decks adhere to that. However it’s not uncommon practice to run two in control, and that one is very unique, three really is not just justified but perfect.

I have tried it as both a one of, and a two of. At one it doesent serve as board control well and your forced to hold onto it, at two I still would feel bad replacing it. Two may be the right number, but there is not anything I really want as a one of. Maybe a tech card, but the meta is a bit to weird and new right now to know what to tech, so running three lets us feel safe replacing it, and use it multiple times.

Once the meta settles it will probably get cut to two. Klax is a reasonable one of, and that’s what it was for a long time, it may go back.


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