Blood Born Spell time counter: Redesign


Hey guys, DarkStar here!

So, i am bringing a problem that keeps happening to me…the Blood Born Spell timer its far from optimal design.
I can´t tell wen the spell is active or about to be active. I think it needs a redesign to make it more clear wen a player has the BBS active or about to be, because i have been fooled to much already wen the text says:“activates in 2 turns”, and after all the spell is active and ready to use. That needs to change so we can know the exact current state of the spell timer.


They should just fix the bug where the BBS icon doesn’t glow like it’s supposed to. The way it works is more or less clear actually. It will be available in the amount of turns noted on the icon, and if not used on that turn it will still be available on the following turn. The biggest issue is how keeping track of it isn’t always easy and something could probably be done to help players in that regard.


Yeah, maybe its not that bad, still i think some love on the design was a nice touch imo. :slight_smile: