Blistering scorn, the most oppressive card in the game


Hello guys,

Today I want to bring up the issue I have with Blistering scorn. Before starting I want to point out that OPPRESSIVE DOES NOT MEAN OP ,it means that his presence in a lot of decks reduce the diversity of the meta even tho the card itself is fine.

Basically the existence of blistering scorn means that any faction can have access to a very strong AOE option on top of their respective AOE card . Also Blistering scorn is a great card even in match ups where aoe aren’t even that great and this is why we see so many people running 3 blistering scorns in their decks regardless of the meta. The problem I have with that is that many decks just cannot exist because of this card : Abyssian swarm, Starhorn little guys and Vanar wall… and basically any decks that tries to swarm the board one way or the other.

I think a nerf of blistering scorn would increase the diversity of the meta BY A LOT, forcing people to run aoe that will make them weaker in other MU.


In my opinion all classes need access to some form of cheap low dmg AOE. Unless all classes get spells for that Skorn needs to stay.


and considering the only factions with cheap ones are 'Hai and Lyo, while Mag and Van have to rely on 5 mana spells and Vet’s is incredibly situational. Skorn does kinda need to stay.


No faction NEEDS low mana sweeper this is a non sense , in magic the only colors that has low mana sweeper is red , Duelyst has done fine without scorn for a very long time since skorn is actually a very recent card.

Try to think outside of the box guys plz


Its true, Skorn is a hardcounter to quite a few decks and cards, in a way not many other cards can replicate, while at the same time being alwys good due its 3/3 body and the fact that it allows your general to kill 2-drops that have been on the field when skorn was summoned. The thing is, i don’t really want its effect to be gone at the same time, due to many interesting synergies with stuff like nimbus, taygete, amplification, twinfang etc, but a statnerf doesn’t touch the core problem, even though making it a 3/3 would at least mean it would not be played outside of its synergystic potential.


Such as putting 3 Chrysalis Bursts in every Magmar deck? And even more people running lockdown/wall decks in Vanar?

Seriously, Skorn was put into the game for a reason. If you take it out, a lot of other things need adjustment as well.


Chrysalis Burst isn’t a good card. Even if your opponent isn’t running Skorn it rarely gets value. I tried it ALOT in my arcanyst magmar, and it lost me most games when i played it.

What i should add is that i ran manaforger, greater fortitude, bloodtear alchemist, maw and razor skin,
so i had about every card to get out burst as smoothly as possible and even prtect important eggs with fortitude.


When Abyssian plays 5 small bodies on his first turn going second I kinda feel the need to clear that because of Ritual Banishing, Darkfire Sacrifice, Deathwatch minions and movement restrictions. How does someone who thinks outside of the box approach this?


Well, I understand you point but… Without BS, how can people effectively counter swarms ? He’s by far the best way to. No, I think he does not need to be changed or removed.
It’s swarms that need a buff.


It’s a gamble. I’ve seen it be useless, and I’ve seen it win games on turn 2. (This morning I was playing Vet against a Magmar, going first, had no first turn play, he put down two minions on turn 1 and Bursted on turn 2, all of them in the back ranks. The game was over.)

Anyway, it was simply offered as an example of one reason why people use cards like Skorn.

Others are Gravity Well, Cassy with her annoying little minions spreading creep in the back ranks, and as you yourself said, finishing off things with 1 health.

It’s just a useful card. Take it away and you will get more of whatever it was good against.


5 body on turn 1 always been a thing in Duelyst WAY before scorn existed and it never been a problem once again.

Like it did before scorn was a thing, faction sweeper and board presence.

You can buff every wall/swarm and make a meta where scorn is non brain include or you can deal with the root of the problem. I let you guess the best solution ;).

Great, this is precisely what I want to do!


I know Blistering Skorn is quite prevalent, and for good reason. Efficient AoE with a decent body for only 3 mana is something I would include in many decks I build.

That being said, I feel like that card is a necessary evil, Without it, factions that lack low-cost AoE (Abyssian, Vanar, Magmar, Vetruvian) would lose a great deal of viability. And I think people would start abusing cards like Chrysallis Burst and Jax Truesight, which before long, would become the next cards people dislike.

My thought on the matter is that maybe, much like prophet of the white palm, there should be a card that prevents damage from minion effects. I think this could help make Skorn less spammable while still giving every faction a reliable AoE option.


Its a gamble that isn’t in your favor. T1 manaforger into t2 chrysalis burst + fortitude was a play i made reasnoably often, and i obviously most of the time fortituded an elder or a dreadnought when i got one. I never hatched a single elder and 2 dreadnoughts out of the 30-40 games i played.

Gravity well is a fine card, wall vanar is nowhere near being oppressive and it won’t be with Skorn gone, with kara changed it isn’t as weak to skorn anways.

The pinging effect is incredibly strong in itself, see bloodtear alchemist. The good thing about alchemist is that they counter themself, skorn doesn’t, and is an Aoe card.

There are many ways to deal with swarm, general attacks usually clear many swarm minions like wraithlings, azurite lions and tempest for lyonar, ghost lightning and battle panddo for songhai, Vet is fucked bc no siphon, plasma storm as magmar (tbh the 5 mana don’t really matter, i’ve won games vs zoo and vet by simply backing off when i saw them vomitting their entire hand and stormed them after), frostburn as vanar, not to mention that there are maw, bloodtear, cards like azure herald and other 2-drops with low attack. Its really not that much of an issue, i mean i am only playing duelyst since shortly before the sisters update, but i don’t remember swarm being as oppressive as Kara or cassy or songhai nowadays at any point.


Skorn isn’t really run in every deck. Decks that do run it run two of them and it’s run as a three of really rarely. And despite it being generally decently useful even when it’s not hard countering the enemy deck, a thing to keep in mind is how it still hurts your own minions and as such the card often ends up being replaced when one is in the lead, unless it’s being saved to counter another specific card. I do run two of them in quite some decks, and more often than not it performs averagely but I still run it just in case I encounter one of the decks where I can get big value from.

And now when I think about it, situations where the card truly does shine are really rare and I’ve been greatly overvaluing it, like most people do I imagine. Gravity wells aren’t usually that big of a problem, nor is the chrysalis burst or swarm. Gravity wells usually just serves as slowing you down when the game starts, skorn counters burst really well only if it’s played on the empty board and a well made and piloted swarm deck doesn’t get countered so easily. Jax is the only card that skorn really shits on imo, and now when new kara exists, even that isn’t that big of an issue.

If I was forced to change it, I’d just make it have one less HP so it’s easier to deal with when it hits the board to make the players play the card more for the effect rather than just for a solid body. Basically the same reasoning behind the shroud nerf (even though I don’t agree with it).

That being said, I completely understand where you’re coming from. However, due to the nature of the card, skorn falls under the category of cards that are really easy to overvalue because when they work, it often seems like they’re working too well. While in the meantime the times where the card is replaced are just disregarded.

I don’t this cards existence limits the diversity of the meta, all it does is makes few decks slightly worse. I wouldn’t mind reworking the card though if vet gets a proper aoe spell and if breath of the unborn gets slightly changed so it’s not as trash.


I think their are good arguments for both sides of this this, although I think their should be a deeper analysis as what Skorn brings to the table.

What it counters:
-Any minion with 1 HP (in general). This includes Reva’s heartseekers, Wraithlings, Gravity Wells (not all walls), and all eggs, specifically ones generated from Chrysalis Burst. Also counters Jaxi and Jax Truesight.
-Artifacts (notably ones like Bloodrage and dealing with Regalia)

What it benefits:
-Magmar Synergy, in the form of Twin Fang decks, Amplification synergy, and Taygete in particular
-Anything that benefits from taking damage (like Battle Pando, Nimbus, Lantern fox, Taygete, Khymera, etc.)
-Certain Swarm decks, allowing deathwatch effects in particular to activate swifter (although not many swarm decks run Skorn due to it being counter-intuitive in some cases)
-Heal decks/effects- This ranges from allowing Heal Lyonar to have more targets to heal to Kelaino giving her general a massive heal swing.

Stats: 3 mana 3/4 (3/3 due to its effect). I believe this is decent for any 3 drop, and gives synergy to aforementioned combos like amplification and healing.

Overall, Blistering Skorn is definetly a good tech and meta card. It both opresses other cards while improving the viability and synergy of decks, which I think makes it a good 3 drop overall. Does it need a nerf? I’m not sure, however its effect certainly is a powerful one that definetly effects the viability of both decks and cards alike, which I think is a key thing to note about it.


Also helps dealing with artifacts.


Added, thanks for the reminder :smile:!


Battle Pet Oni is hilarious for this.

Oni + shiro


I am very fond of the card. It has has so many cool combos. There are many reasons why its existence is a good thing.

I play a lot of swarm to, and while yes it has forced me to adapt I do not think that is a bad thing. It also helps a lot agaisnt Reva Spellhai by simultaneously helping agaisnt Artifacts and Heartseekers. There have been enough tools recently taken away that used to help agaisnt that match up, let’s leave skorn alone.

If he ever got changed a stat line change would be ok, but leave his effect alone. However I think he is just fine the way he is.


Oni is hilarious on itself. The sheer trouble those imps can cause is unbelievable.