Blast not effected by forcefeild


hey everyone, new to duelyst, been playing for 2 weeks now, anyways, either its working as intended and the discription of blast/forcefeild is missing “not effected by/Does not effect” in their discription, or its broken.

during a match i noticed blast actions were not effected by force field, in my case 3 Blast actions were taken before a mele action where finally the forcefield kicked in, so it was working, but it seems Blast is immune to its effects

Needless to say i was unaware of this, but as my opponent was, feilding many forcefeild and blast units it is safe to say he was well aware of this mechanic/expolit and is using it to its fullest effect.

tbh abit tilted now, is this working as intended? or bug? or should i be building new deck?


Blast doesn’t damage your own units


didn’t say it did, don’t see how that is rellivant


his turn went like this.

Blast action > kill 2 of my unit’s - Blast action > kill 1 of my units - unit with forcefield mele attacks > no damage dealt (forcefield working) > damage recieved


I think he’s making a joke about the Forcefield tooltip, which says “Cancel the first damage taken each turn.” What he wants it to say is “Cancel the first damage this minion takes each turn.” =S


im going to try and decipher what you are trying to say.

“blast ignores forcefield and deals damage even if the forcefield is up”

is that right? or is it something like

“blast doesnt break a forcefield”

and what @Sorostaran is saying is probably right

"forcefield doesnt protect other units from damage. only the one with forcefield"
so if a minion with forcefield stands in front of other units and blast shoots the entire row, the forcefield does not block the damage for the other minions. only for itself.


oh i see, thank you for clearing that up for me.

i took “Cancel the first damage taken each turn” as literal, rather than “for this unit” , did seem strange tbh.

and yeah i get what evesenpai was saying when blast doesnt damage your own units, i was just completly off the mark with my interpretation of the ability.