Blast Mechanics?


The keyword “Blast” states you deal damage in a striaght line.

  1. Why doesn’t blast work on the diagnoal?
  2. Is this intended to only work horizontally and vertically on the board?

My suggestion is to change blast to work on the diagonals too.

A) I realize 3 axis abilities would make it really powerful.
B) It might make up for Vetruvian’s lack of global control spells.
C) It fits the theme of “positioning is everything” for Vetruvian.

Blast doesn’t give your general “ranged”. You would still have to be within melee to attack an enemy.

Comments are welcome, as always.


My biggest confusion with Blast was that Ranged will counterattack a Blast attack, but Blast will not counterattack Ranged or Blast.

I’m not sure if that can/should be resolved along with what you’re talking about. :smiley:


I’ve noticed that, too.

Ranged gives you freedom to attack anything on the board. Blast only gives you straight line targeting. I can see blast counterattacking another blast as they’d both be within the same line of fire. Ranged can attack outside the straight line requirement.


Only thing wrong with blast is it’s interaction with the ranged mechanic not being clear enough and how when attacking diagonally the animation still shows despite it only hitting a single target. From a purely balance and game design perspective the mechanic is completely fine.


Yes, I had a blast minion in the same row as a ranged minion that attacked him and the ranged enemy minion didn’t die. It’s just something that needs more clarification in the tutorials or something.


Yeah, I think that’s meant to be a purposeful downside to Blast, since it could potentially hit multiple targets.


Diagonals are straight lines, though. Blast, according to the tool tip, should hit any straight line target. Counterattacks would also count.


The 5 Drop Blast works fine…it gets killed or dispelled…seems to be good, huh?! If it stays it does a great job…the 2/1 Blast is to small…i took it out…saad…imo diagonal Blast would be waay to strong…but nice :slight_smile:
The Blast Artifact does a great job with Spinecleaver…mealstrom…unseven+Oserix…Auroas tears…Blast 5 drop…iam doin some sience with this ideas and iam laddering…Blast, artifact combo deck works great imo



I wasn’t concerned with how strong Blast is, as a mechanic. I’m only wondering if it’s intended to not work on a straight-line diagonal. The tool tip alone states it should.


You have to keep in mind how Blast is balanced around the movement capabilities of the unit it is attached to; its range is effectively limited by a unit’s vertical position on the board. Forcing a blast minion to hit the bottom row frees up the top two rows from the threat for the next turn; this would not hold true if it could attack on diagonals.

As far as the original question goes, I think “contiguous groups of squares” is what is meant by “straight”. Ideally, it would say orthogonal, but I doubt you’d entice people to look up the meaning of orthogonal by including it in your card game.



I don’t disagree as to how it is currently functioning within the game. I’d still like to see the suggestions/questions addressed.

I can’t assume what straight means. A straight line can’t infer “contiguous group of squares”. That’s simply not the same thing.


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