Blast Can't Counterattack at a Range?


I was playing as Vetruvian today and noticed that when a ranged minion attacked my Pyromancer from the same row, and it didn’t counterattack.

Is this intentional? It seems like an unnecessary burden on Blast minions or possibly just an oversight.


It’s definitely intentional. It’s a small offset for what really is a super strong ability in blast (Vet main here, love blast minions)

It allows non-vet minions to at least be able to have SOME answer to blast, since otherwise it’s pretty crazy.

There are some other ways to play around it. If you don’t target the ranged minion (but target a nonranged minion in the same line) you will kill the ranged minion without counterattack. Ranged minions can only counter attack if they are the primary target. So you can abuse this with other cards like the 2/2 for 3 that moves enemy minions (into that line) or what not, for example.

Hope this helped!



I’m quite certain that this is wrong.
Any minion or general that gets hit by a blast attack will counter attack if able -
It must either be in melee range or have the Ranged keyword.

That’s why you’ll catch a melee counterattack even if you target a different unit in the back of the row. You can also get hit by multiple ranged counterattacks.

(I did some testing in sandbox mode a while back, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or misremembering things.)

It’s intentional - Though not exactly intuitive.
But I think there’s even a loadscreen tip that mentions this.

Burden? More of a balance concern.
AOE keywords like Frenzy or Blast are really strong. :wink:

Blast is not that omnipresent any more now that Scions 3rd Wish no longer gives Blast, but Wildfire Ankh is a stable card for Sajj decks.
Scarab is strong, but most decks seem to prefer Nemesis for the 5 mana slot nowadays. Still very strong in gauntlet and budget decks.
Pyromancer gets punished by Bloodtear and Skorn, but can be a real PITA if you can’t deal with him right now.


Now you’ve got me questioning myself! haha. I will have to test tonight.

Do Kron prisoners have a chance to get Blast? Or the new Elkowl thing?


Afaik those are limited to frenzy, provoke, ranged, rush, flying and forcefield - So no. :grimacing:

Suprisingly enaugh I haven’t met a single one of them since the patch, but I’ve seen some posts complaining about it on reddit so apparently it can.


I can confirm it can (even if you’re not playing vet).
Got one with blast + ranged the other day. Omnidirectional lazers! (Well, it only triggered blast against enemies lined up against it, but it still played the blast animation when atacking diagonally).