Black Solus, where are you?


Heya. I was just wondering after peeking at some Lilithe ladder matches, where did Black Solus go? I know he was nerfed a while ago, and that now Kron(k) is ubiquitous as a 5 drop, but still, the hooded fella still has a solid body and incredible sinergy with wraithlings.
Is there no space in ramp abyss for him? Is Kron That much better? Do you think he’s a sleeper threat too dependent on the meta? And why do you say so?
I hope this discussion can shed some light on the state of the card. Have a nice day!


I don’t know, but I’ve never had a problem facing it ever since it got nerfed. It used to be basically impervious to any form of removal except dispels and destroy effects, but now when it can actually take damage it’s too slow to actually do anything before it takes 7 damage and dies.


i think its a bit too slow now and there is still kron in the 5 mana slot


Naturally its the Kron meta.
Ignoring that we have Reaper. Reaper is more of an immediate threat with flying. You can’t run away and body block it like with a Black Solus. Reaper is also harder to remove entirely since it leaves an extra minion.

Personally found Black Solus a bit weird in a deck. You want wraithlings. Best is with Priestess. You want to swarm with cheaper things so they die and become wraithlings. Its hard to generate wraithlings and be able to summon a Black Solus. If you don’t have wraithlings you might as well summon something else better (e.g. Reaper).
In ramp you probably won’t have a lot of wraithlings. Maybe just Lilithe BBS. You would summon big things instead of wraithlings, because its a ramp deck.
Before nerf Black Solus was a sticky high health unit with wraithlings. Now it is just a damage dealer. For damage Deathfire Crescendo is just so much quicker.


in the current meta solas has to many answers against even magmar has an answer to it. they have the spell that turns minions into bunnies. just imagine your 20/7 all of a sudden becomes a 3/3 bunny. this is not even including the dispels, provoke, or other things that can answer it. plus i don’t see to many abyssian recently. its like most players stopped playing them. i like the new three drop healer, he will be good with abyssian. we might start seeing more solus played.


Thank you for your feedback so far guys, i understand your point, if someone else wants to add something feel free to do so. :slight_smile: