Black Solus talk


Does anyone actually use this card? It looks cool as heck and has pretty dope synergy within the faction, as there are countless way to generate Wraithlings.


I think its home is as the best budget win condition for swarm

if I wasn’t saving for the xpac it’d definitely be the start of a beautiful thing for me


Sometimes I miss Black Solus’s (?) times of glory, he’s art is simply amazing. Haven’t played Abyssian since his nerf…


I don’t play Lilithe much (a few games in Silver and a few runs in Gauntlet), but Black Solus is actually really strong as I remember. It has a decent body, and his ability is insane - one use of Lilithe’s BBS would buff Solus from 4 attack to 8. Never understand why Black Solus isn’t a staple in Abyssian swarm decks.


So, are you guys trying to tell me this is an actually strong win con, that no one uses? Just screw Spec Rev and use this already ( ̄へ ̄)


He is Kool but there are the obvious issues.

  • No immediate impact on board

  • at 5 mana it’s expensive since you aren’t likely to play it unless you have 6 mana and the BBS up

  • In swarm other 5 drops may take its place such as shadow dancer, R9M, or Kron

I do like the card and am giving it a second whirl for the heck of it since it’s body is big enough to survive some of the punishing plays you have to go agaisnt such as holy imo and Makantor. That being said it doesn’t compare to it’s creep equal the juggernaught which costs less and it’s buff dependecies are normally already developed before it is played making it superior almost every time.


Yeah, he does have those small issues that make him harder to play than his Creep counterpart. But technically, you else summon it when you have your BBS or a turn before, could be wrong on that though. But if this is correct, he’s got 8 attack out of the blue. With about 0 setup. That’s pretty awesome for a potential turn 3-4 play !


people mostly stopped playing him after he got nerfed from +2/2 to +2/0. then came the rise of the songhai meta and nobody played him or swarm in general. now people seem to have forgotten black solus.


He used to be absolutely absurd. It used to be +2/2 whenever a wraithling is summoned. Pretty much against swarm if you did’t have hard removal on the spot you just died because Black Solus would get to big for you to handle. And if you did remove it then Abysiian would follow up with another one or Reaper which I believe was fairly popular back then. I still think it’s solid but doesn’t exactly fit into any specific deck right now.


Before its* ass grew and now it doesn’t, but it’s still has a large ass. A dispel target which still has a large ass is pretty good. Don’t know why people aren’t playing it*.

*Its 2016 guys, stop assuming a minion’s gender. Learn to check your privilege Kappa.


As a Lilithe main and avid swarm player, I must say this card has become slightly disappointing :frowning: As mentioned before, it was originally +2/+2 per wraithling (and even THEN it wasn’t truly overpowered until the bloodborn spells came out). It was then nerfed to buffing attack only.

I have tried this card a lot in several swarm and swarm/ramp decks. The sad truth is, while it is not bad, it generally seems to under-perform. In a true swarm deck, it actually seems too slow most of the time. Deathfire crescendo is a cheaper way to capitalize on minions for even more damage, and you end up finishing with spectral revs anyway. Every deck that I tested, dancing blades actually worked better almost every time - the body was almost as good initially, it helped clear the board to keep my little swarm alive, and you win with deathfire crescendo the next turn anyway (in otherwords, you didn’t need the solus attack enhancements). Most of the time, to my disappointment (because i love the look of black solus and think it is super cool) it just felt clunky in my hand while i used smaller drops to flood the board in preparation for deathfire crescendo. Also dropping a shadowdancer for a bit of healing or pressure just seemed better most times I found both in my hand on turn 5.

In ramp decks, you might as well use reaper of the 9 moons (or even dancing blades again). They usually kill the black solus the turn (or one after) you put it down. So the combined stats of the Reaper minion drop is usually a better outcome (and positioning is easier b/c it has flying). Saving solus for 6 mana (so you can bloodborn spell the same turn) just seems less threatening than simply dropping a Vorpal Reaver.

So yeah, I am not exactly an abyssian expert or anything. Just sharing my thoughts as someone who plays lots of Lilithe variants and has experimented with this card quite a bit. Sadly, though it can be good sometimes, it just never seemed to be consistently that great for me :frowning: I hope someone can find a better way to use it thought, because it is certainly a cool card!


honestly yeah people talk about the card being bad and all, and i feel the same way too.

but when someone plays it against me the amount of hp it got is extremely annoying and it can sometime just crush me, nobody plays around blacksolus these days, the only one who can effectively counter unique deck is Vannar (they have too many removal it’s ridiculous)


This card is very good, it starts with very solid stats. Because of it it can stay alive after AoE. If you have good hand or board like B. Priestess and some Wraithlings for sacrifice, it can be 10/7 in its first active turn. It is maybe too slow. But generaly it is good card by my opinion! :slight_smile:


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