Bigger Bois (Fettness returns!) [Magmar Deck]


So after a crazy long hiatus I am back to my deck building ways!
For those who remember me it’s good to be back and for those who do not, you are in for a treat.

I have here a MAGMAR deck (don’t worry an Abyssinian deck will be here soon)

This deck is all about self damage, to deal damage, WHILE lowing your BIG BOIS costs.

I suck at writing so here is a video:
Bigger Bois

This is a loose list as you will see in the video.


Looks nice, but i would swap sapphire seer for thumping wave, i don’t think it’s a good three drop in this deck. Will try it out!


How come you run Dagger Kiri opposed to other 5 drops?


I explain in the video that spot can be swapped for a lot of cards. I used it here because it is an old deck builder and does not have the newest cards.


Ah okay. I was on mobile so I didn’t watch the video, gonna check it out now though. I like the deck so far from what I have seen