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Big Boyz (Cadence/Betrayal)



I’m testing this deck for a week now, and I’d like your wise advices.
So far, only did Unranked* with it (17/6 wr for what it worth in this mode)

(Updated Mar. 18)

The point is to drop fatties after fatties and overwhelm opponent with big bodies.
Punch opponent General and/or Cadence if not on reach.

Summary/Synergies :

  • Operant : nice 2drop, put a Mechaz0r fatty in your deck for later
  • Ooz : one of the few decent BattlePets 2drop, on my first tests, I used to run Nethermeld to teleport my Big Boys
  • Phantasm : make the big boys even bigger, funny synergy with Talon that will pop buffed (but won’t be shown as buffed on mouse hover building on board)
  • Marauder : one of the core cards, pairs nicely with Lightbender or EMP

Others are fairly obvious.

Note that when putting huge bodies on board, some opponents tend to body block with the biggest stuff they have, that’s your moment for Betrayal. At 8 mana also, don’t forget Lure+Betrayal, I had a fair share of lethals with this.

Tested (but rejected) cards :

Current 6 slots from Phatasms and Lightbenders as been tested with several options

  • Darkfire Sacrifice : the point was to get my Marauders earlier and I had wet dreams about a silly combo -> hit with a Marauder, cast a small minion, sacrifice it (Marauder switch side), then use Betrayal :heart: … but never made it work, I guess it’s too complicated and would require Abjudicators
  • Nethermeld : to move your BBoyz and hit a running opponent, but ended up being a dead card in early turns, rarely used it
  • Cacophynos : nice attack and Cadence target, but managed to squeeze it in my plays, always add better (Desolator), always found myself replacing it (Update : finally back)

Here is the prototype, I’m open to all suggestions and advices, should I try it on ladder ? :stuck_out_tongue:

* lost a few matches because opponent kept chain looting Frostfire Chests until I got a small minion reward, then killed it to turn my Marauder against me :stuck_out_tongue:

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My only advice/adjustment to the deck would be finding a way to add Recombobulus or Repulsor Beast to enable Betrayal more or as a soft counter to threats you can’t kill or stuff you don’t want to use hard removal on.


After discussion, testing currently : -1x Cadence, -1xBetrayal, +2xRotNM


Error 404: Vorpal Reaver not found.


This might be too janky but if you have cadence maybe try abhorrent unbirth for the 8 mana wombo combo


I would just say that Ooze really has no place in this deck, since you don’t need creep and Thunderhorn is very relevant. Otherwise looks well built, but I don’t know how competitive something like this can get.

Vorpal has no place in this deck, there’s zero ramp or swarm support and it has antisynergy with Marauder.


yeah, swap out ooz for recombob

got a massive betrayal out of titan brome :lyogiggle: TWICE :lyogiggle: 100% winrate deck perfect
this deck is the perfect lyonar counter somehow i havnt run into any other factions with it yet


Fun, but definitely not competitive, will stay in Unranked, thanks for feedback guys :slight_smile:


Cadence decks are always cool :stuck_out_tongue: this looks fun!


Try using a vorpal/rev. And the dece-bot/nightmare operant is a really nice combo.


is there any good replacement for desolator? I don’t have any and don’t feel like crafting 3. I have most everything else though


Desolator is just too good not to run. 80% of all abyss decks run it and its basically a prerequisite to play maehv

If you cant craft 3, then start with 1 and see for yourself how good it is


Old Kelaino



until i get enough dust to craft one, would spelljammer work well?


There really isnt any comparable card. The closest would be a snowchaser. Or warbird. Maybe void pulse
Spellhammer is put in for different reasons, but if you are running aggro or midrange, its a good pick


If you plan to play Abyssian (out of my goofy deck here), save Spirit and craft 3x Desolator, it’s staple, you can’t go wrong. It’s heal+ping+card cycling all in one for 4 mana, and with Cassyva BBS, it’s a late game constant heal/damage.

(btw, updated with last version)


I’m wondering how useful betrayal actually is. Does the deck really need it?


I havn’t played this deck much, but even in other decks, i’s surprisingly useful when I’ve used it. Don’t forget that everything near their general ALSO takes damage from their gneral, so at the very least 2 damage, but if you’re fighting vaath or someone using artifacts, It can be a boardwipe potentially. It also just demolishes lyonar and other decks with big fatties if you have ways to move their minions


I’ve used it a lot just because I really like it. It’s similar to mindlathe in that it is a tech card that can do awesome things… situationally.

It’s important to remember that it’s both a tech card and a lategame play, so you won’t want more than 2 in your deck and you usually can’t afford to hold onto it unless you see an opportunity to use it coming up.

It’s very useful not just for huge blowout damage but also as a jacked up Bone Swarm. It’s a nice (although pricey) AoE for a faction that doesn’t really have much playable AoE past Grasp.


It got me several wins, as I said, when you drop big fatties on board, some opponents tend to put theirs on too, and use them as meat shield.