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Big Boy Boss Battle (BBBB): Archonis


Wow, that’s a big boy…

This is Archonis, lover of swoleness. He only believes in running the biggest, fattest, strongest minions on the planet. With a severe lack of 2-drops in his deck though, Archonis has proven to be the worst deckbuilder ever, preventing him from ever making it out of bronze.

Rather than look to the forums for guidance on how to become a better deckbuilder, Archonis decided that the only logical thing to do was create his own rules, rules that allow his ludicrous deckbuilding to thrive. The biggest rule change Archonis made was that each player always starts with 9 mana. He claims the early game is boring and that we should get straight to the good part of the game where the beefy boys come out to play. It will be important to have a turn 1 play against this boss, because with 9 mana every turn, things will snowball very quickly. To make certain you have a turn 1 play, make sure your hand is anything that is not Mandrakes, Blood Tauras, and Kensho Vortexes. Honestly, as long as your deck has a stupidly high curve, you’ll probably be fine.

Having such a high curve will help you with the other rule change in this game, which deals damage at the end of the turn equal to any unused mana. You will be a bigger slave to curving out than ever before, which is ironic considering Archonis has no idea what a proper curve is. And NO ONE makes YOU a slave, especially a bronzie. so you will need to teach him the error of his ways by explaining all of the things wrong with his format.

For starters, you can play turn 1 wanderer, the strongest thing since turn 2 wanderer! Also, Dance of Memes can kill him before he even gets a chance to do anything. And, if you’re like me, you embrace the fact that Doom is a legit turn 1 play. There are all sorts of shenanigans you can pull with a format that gives 9 mana every turn, so be sure to abuse them to your heart’s content.

Victory in this match will prove that you know how to break Archonis’s format better than Archonis himself! Once you show Archonis how badly he broke the game, he will be forced to return Duelyst to the way it was, and give you a Boss Crate as a token of apology. It just goes to show Archonis isn’t such a bad guy after all. He just needs a little help. @Archonis feel free to come to the forums any time. We can help you refine your deckbuilding skills, and beat this week’s boss battle. Also, go find the meme thread.You’ll rarely find Duelyst content there, and you can connect with the forums community. :heart:


I’m partial to a strategy of “Turn one Gate to the Undervault”. :wink:


i prefer the “turn one worldcore”. does he have hard removal?


It has Martyrdom I think.


Someone online actually pulled Doom off on me. I was Vaath and I just couldn’t catch him with his Silhouette Tracers and stuff. It was awesome lol.

Also, just a thought, if I had that Eternal Heart artifact equipped, would I live or still die through a Doom? Do you know?


Yeah, this boss was certainly too easy. T1 Worldcore, T2 Mortar Maw and Gargantuar growth, T3 GG.


@chuyqwerty Read the wiki :wink: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Doom

My favorite boss is back! So much fun :smiley:


That’s awesome, so Eternal Heart does save you. Thanks for linking that, Boronian.


Is Doom dispellable?





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