Big Arcanysts: Trying to build Antimeta Control Deck


Well, I never thought of Variax here, and I actually like an idea.

The problem is I don’t know where to fit him.

I guess I’ll make a spin off super greedy version with 2of Variax AND 3of Knell and see how it goes.

I can’t get rid of Knells here since it’s a stabilizing engine with shroud.

BTW, @miguelosz, I now play Aethermaster instead of healing mystic, and -1 Deso +1 Breath. Aggro became a bit more problematic, but the ability to find the exact answer you want is brilliant.


Ok, great! Those replaces can really save the day in a control deck :slight_smile:


Added “unfavourable matchups” section to the OP. If you have any thoughts, I’d be glad to hear them.


Not a single Owlbeast to be seen for miles.


Not any cheap spell.

I’ve made a plenty of owlbeast decks, here it just won’t work.

All in all, I have to admit, the meta is too diverse for this approach to work. I can’t counter everything I meet.


1-3 currently. :frowning:
Lost to swarm Lillith, Artifact Reva and Arcanyst Shidai. Won against a Trial Maehv. Feels like I empty out my hand at a certain point if there is no Conjurer. Magesworn got answered easily by Banishing and OBS. Samplesize is rather small though, will continue. Also played your updated list with Prophet, 2 Deso and 3 Breath.


Heh, you managed to lose against IMO easier matchups and lost to a harder one :slight_smile:

But winning against Trial Maehv with this deck is definitely a feat.

by prophet you mean Aethermaster, I guess?


I actually found out that the deck is quite good against Fault Zirix. Breath+Bender is hardcounter for it.

The problem is in Vet removal. They don’t kill, they bounce and transform, so Knell finisher becomes much less powerful. But in Control department we can hold our own.


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