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Big Arcanysts: Trying to build Antimeta Control Deck


This is not a joke, though it is.

I was trying to make a deck which is

a) Funny and nonstandart, with unobvious choices.
b) The deck that isn’t predictable in the sense that opponent would never know what I’m going to play next, and WTF I’m doing at all.
c) The deck that will be good against most meta decks (!)

Ambitious, yes, but here I have something, that in THEORY should suffice (given I have 50% wr in low gold with it :thinking:). I think the main problem is in my piloting skills right now, I’m very slow in learning how to play new decks, and quick to forget.

Again, making aggro antimeta deck is kinda redundant, every semigood aggro deck has its chances against most meta decks. So I’m going for true control.

So, the deck.

[silent arcana]MTozMDEsMjozMzYsMzozMzgsMzozNDEsMzoxMDMwNiwzOjEwOTU3LDM6MTA5ODEsMzoxMTA5NCwzOjExMTA1LDM6MTExMDcsMzoxOTA1MiwzOjIwMDU3LDM6MjAwNTksMjoyMDEzMSwyOjIwMjI3

Now that you see the decklist, I want to say thanks for @miguelosz (again) who came to the idea that spell synergy is not a must for an Arcanyst deck. Here we want to summon a couple of beefy Arcanysts and resummon them via chain Knell.

What’s antimeta here? What should allow us to live and win (in theory, in theory)?


  1. Artihai, Ascension Sajj, Artifact Vaath, Mantra, 8g8s
    Lots of pings (BTA, Deso, Shroud), direct counter (Crawler), BBS and spell denial (ramped Magesworn)
  2. Wanderer Rag, Lil, Reva
    Strong lategame plan (Conjurer, Knell), BBS denial (Magesworn), burn (Deso, Shroud), BTA pre Wanderer +Breath post Wanderer for token control, Necrotic Sphere in a pinch.
  3. Combo Rag
    Pings (BTA, Breath), BBS Denial (you know it), healing (Mystic, Deso, maybe Shroud if lucky).
  4. Strategos+any swarm
    AoE (Tahr, Breath, Necrotic), strong lategame plan, rivaling Promotions.
  5. Trial Maehv
    You are fcked if you don’t ramp magesworn early. Even then it’s a gamble.
  6. Double ramp Maehv
    Pretty fair to assume you can just play. Just have necrotic sphere and Lightbender somewhere in your action bar. Just in case.
  7. Fault Zirix
    I guess we are just fcked as everyone else. I really don’t know how to counter a deck, which has strong early, mid and lategame. At least we have bender for tile dispel. And prayers.

The decks we have nothing against (highly unfavourable matchups):

  1. Smash Vaath.
    We just have nothing. He goes forward, and smashes, and Plasmastorms, and Makantors. Healing and Lightbenders are not enough. My favourite tech against him is actually Tracer, but can’t fit it here.
  2. Tempo Argeon/Zir’An
    Lyo is another unfavourabale matchup. Not as devastating as smash Vaath, and we DO actually have something against them (necrotic sphere), but all burn they have is above Magesworn’s threshold, and I kinda dunno what to do against them. They just have the board, and finita la comedia.

The conclusion:

I really think there’s something viable hidden here, in my delusional mind. The deck is superslow, super controlly, but I think it has something to offer.

I’d like to specifically know the opinion of @deathsadvocate and @loliconartist (I believe you play everything, am I correct?), but also anyone willing to give me a piece of advice. If you think I’m delusional and it’s just a pipedream, so be it.

Unlimited Arcanyst Works - Mythron Edition
How to make this work?

You play Desolator.
Your opponent: “Hmm, I wonder what he’ll play next if I kill that…”

Now that’s something I’ve always wanted to try.

Nothing rivals the Lord Gaben’s Steam Summer Sale, you heratic!

Quite simple really… if you can’t beat them, join them! :sunglasses:

Unfortunately, no. Not sure if it counters all decks, but it is impossible to make a bad Abyssian deck, and especially one with Desolator in it… :sob:


Well, challenge accepted!

In truth, though, anything but Maehv is pretty undepowered now.


…I just gotta let that sink in for a second.


Isn’t this a worse version of normal arc lilithe


Not strictly, it’s a different version. I also call this decktype the “Anti-Arcanyst Arcanyst Lilithe”. During the dreaded Ancient Bonds meta, this decktype was more successful than the “normie” Arcanyst Lili :slight_smile:


It’s not. Arcanyst Lilithe sucks against burn and solo decks. This one doesn’t.


I like the idea of non Spell spam arcanyst, that is pretty neat, although I am skeptical as Deathknells favorite trick is trinities bond.

I also love control decks and loath burn, and love finding good spots for magesworn, there may be some potential here, that being said could certainly use some refining.

So for a good point of reference my dedicated control doom list (Still work in progress) :


And my first draft of Big Arcanyst:


But I am skeptical that it is better then the standard build, of which I think does fine vs burn/solo since I pack a good amount of healing and ping.

Need help with my 3xDOOM deck

Dunno, I somehow just lose against Reva’s or Ragnora’s BBS most of the time. Magesworn helps with that.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… :thinking:


Btw I like the use of Crawler and other more controlly cards in this :slight_smile: I’ve also tested Eclipse with the combo, which was really fun to watch after a second Magesworn comes from Knell and the enemy has no idea what to do with them. Obviously too slow to be viable and too vulnerable to Plasma Storm though. On the other hand, Aethermaster is really good in this deck to find the matchup-specific control cards you need.


I’m almost getting sentimental as the ramp Magesworn Knell lockdown combo was my “secret breed” for at least half a year. But, it’s time for it to see the light of day :slight_smile: good job with improving the deck!


Sorry, I didn’t know it was your secret :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, no problem I haven’t played with it for a long time :stuck_out_tongue:


I lost to that. I thought you got the Nightshrouds off of Conjurer. I like your list. Wouldnt be Nightwatcher a semi-counter for atleast Khanum-Ka?


The space is tight. Inserting Watcher means giving up on some Arcanysts, which makes DeathKnell less impactful.

However, lightbender and Breath are very likely to screw Zirix’ plans for several turns while you are looking for ChainKnell.


Since you’re going control, shouldn’t you run Cass? Also, have you thought about Gate to the Undervault as the late-game plan? since you’r gonna control anyway?


As my main control tool is Magesworn, it’s natural to opt for Knell as a lategame option.

Other than for lulz I’d prefer Doom for full control suite. Gate is easily answered, unlike Doom.

As for Cass, her go to removal - punish - is 2 mana, thus being countersynergetic to Magesworn. Also, Cass’ control is dependant on creep, which makes inserting unrelated control options (like crawler and BTA) hard. And also, Cass can’t reliably ramp.


what are your thoughts on including Variax in the deck?
she should work with Magesworn though i can see DK is your preferred endgame


Can confirm d knell op op owo