Best opening hand


I run into a very nasty opening hand today.

Flash Reincarnation + Sunsteel Defender + Greater Fortitude.

I didnt have any repel, didnt draw anything to really deal with it. Repulsor Beast let me hold on for a couple turns. Eventually he was able to overwhelm me.

This make me wonder, what are the best opening hands?

To make the question more clear, not the best 5 cards you start with, but the opening hand you fear most to see.


Double FR into Silithar Elder is pretty gross. Saw one of those earlier today. I think the only answer to that if it’s done turn 1-2 is lyonar’s AoE dispel. Either that or burst the opponent as quickly as possible.


dude, that’s like the worst opening hand in my opinion, 1 removal and you’re probably out of the game.
except if your opening hand has immediate value.

it’s not good to pile everything in 1 turn dangerous af.

the opening hand i’m most worried about is probably those, katara, inner focus, inner focus, killing edge, mist dragon seal it’s crazy…


Abyssian has the potential for pretty nasty openers with double Furosa, Chryptographer, and the BBS. The drawback would be that the Furosas would be a little vulnerable, but two 1/2s, a 2/2, and two 3/3s on turn one is pretty disgusting.


I didnt draw any repel. Throwing body at it wasnt very effective either.

My opening hand and draws I had had problems facing this particular open this round, Of course I could have shroud ready and just repel then drop wind blade, easy game for me.

Yea, Katara is probably one of the most scary open minion. Theres a post showing turn 2 lethal with him. When Im playing against songhai now, I use everything I have to not let them build any board at all. I once debated whether it was worth it to draining wave a Katara, never again, did like 16 damage next turn.


The best opening hand I can think of is gor, 2-3 darkfire sacrifice, variax .

After that it’s probably the katara focus edge combo, but that can happen literally at any point in the game.


My opponent’s hand is always the best opening hand


One ice crystal is the best opening hand for me…


15 characters…


i don’t understand what you’re doing.


Your statement contradicts itself immediately, you say that a turn one play that consist of a 6/5 with force field and leaves you with 3 cards and will obviously require more resources to deal with than a turn one 5/5 that leaves you with 2 cards. Firstly this is impossible to happen on turn one due to mana restrictions both as player one and as player two unless you teleport katara unto a mana tile, which will just make him very vulnerable to dispel and make him unable to get backstab value.
Plus u literally just said dont pile up into one minion then your afraid of a worse situation… thats weird yo


uh, what i’m trying to say is that that magmar player who dropped 3 cards from his hand for the 6/5 forcefield is condemning himself into a value removal such as shroud or martyrdom, unlike songhai which can get immediate value out of their opening hand.

you see, i think you are understanding something wrong here, i said that those opening hand is the scariest for me doesn’t necessarily means the player has to drop everything when the game starts buddy. he got that hand, that is what scares me, and next turn or any other turn they can play those stuff and destroy my hp to nothing while leaving a 5/5 body. it’s an opening hand, the cards that he has when the game starts, not the cards that he plays.

or is there some other terminology for the card a player starts with compared to the card a player plays first? i thought the word opening “hand” means the card he has in hand not what he plays immediately when the game starts.


You probably start to notice that most of the crazy opening start with Flash Reincarnation. Mine is no different. Flash + Flash Pandora which spawned a Ranged Wolf in the corner. Enemy Argeon did not have Martyrdom and conceded after he replaced. Ramping up to 4 Mana for Decimate or playing Sunbloom had a potential to give him a fighting chance but those cards are not run that often.

I have also played Adjudicator with an almost full hand of spells which was pretty nice. Not really that impactful but it was super cool.


that deck with pandora sounds like a lot of fun


The fun Vet one was double Pax into Inner Oasis. Then you drop the Fireblaze and the fun begins.


Gravity Well + double Snowchaser is pretty strong as P1, or Gravity Well + Sojourner + Snow Chaser as P2.

Edit: And let’s not forget 2x Wings + 2x Helm as P2.


It was just a standard Midrange Magmar deck. Pandora was the first legendary I opened that I liked so I ran 1X in literally every deck. I had forgotten about the card and will probably start playing it again.


This is the best opening I’ve ever managed to get; too bad it was only possible when Flash was bugged to apply the discount to all minions for the turn, if you used two or more of them. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about 3 FR + Khymera with one of the minion popped from Khymera being a Mechaz0r? Isn’t that a instant concede?


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