Best faction to use golems in?


I saw Scarzig use Abyss Golem deck yesterday, and I tried making similar one to his, albeit with more card draw (Spelljammer) and Shadow Nova.

After that I thought which factions could use Golems as well. Vet popped in my mind. With cheap buffs, Inner Oasis, good card draw, and favorite of mine Blindscorch/Zen combo, could this work? Maybe toss some Obelysks in?

This is some general idea, any suggestions? Basically, First wish, Oasis, Spelljammer so we don’t run out of steam. Obelysk for 2drop, and maybe bait some removals in the process. If not, it gets some value. Golems for obvious synergy. Siphon/Repulsor for board control. Aymara is always good. I was thinking Pandora instead of Stormmetal, but have only 1.

Placed Pandora in the end. Will craft another once I get dust and replace last Stormmetal. Seems good so far, I defeated Kara on ladder (Diamond). Will post results once I have 20ish games in. Winrate etc.


Lyonar, because Divine Bond.


Golems all tend to have the best stats for their cost, so it could work well with buff vet. Even when dispelled they’ll leave a good body.

(Flying dragon bone golems tough… shudders)

I think you might opt for the artefact general instead of zrix since you’ll probably won’t run a lot of deverish synergy


Out of about 20 games in S, I had a 30% winrate with Zir’an golems. The premise of the list is to constantly airdrop provoke minions for cheap and keep healing until you can get a DB win. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of card draw which is where Spelljammer comes in, but other decks can usually out tempo golems with their own bonus draws.

I haven’t tried golems in any other faction though.


They work well with every faction don’t they? Magmar can give them Frenzy, Songhai can move them around, Lyonar can Divine bond them, Abyssian can soul shatter pack etc. All of the factions have some sort of synergy with Golems.


I agree. BUT. Songhai/Magmar already have their flavor decks. I can’t see any of them using golems because frankly, they do have much better options. Kara is Kara, and Faie has her Faice/Mech/Wall decks.

Other factions on the other hand have flexibility to make it work imo, and I’m sucker for Vet and want to make it work.

I do hope they improve golems in the expansion too.


Abyssian doesn’t work that well with Golems. Golems are not that cheap, so you have relatively few big minions, not something that works well with Soulshatter Pact, while it exactly fits the Lyonar Divine Bond MO.


Those factions are more then just souscatter and divine bond respectively tough.

And they both have better in faction cards to support them anyway


Wait, what? Abyssian has one of the best toolkits in the game for playing Golems. Darkfire Sacrifice adds ramp to Golem Metallurgist. Daemonic Lure makes it easy for your big bruisers to close in for the kill. Breath of the Unborn actually DOES something when your creatures have 8+ HP. And between Void Pulse, Spectral Blade, and Shadow Sis, you have enough life to actually take advantage of your ability to cast huge threats turn after turn.

Soulshatter Pact. :rolling_eyes: Humbug!


I like golems in Magmar you can cheat them out early with Kujuta/golem metallurgist or flash reincarnation.


30% win rate? I expected a lot more. I was just browsing the collection and i was like “hey, how come nobody came up with a golem deck, metallurgist gives a great value, i’ll google it”.

I found this topic. I hope they’ll show some love to golems soon.


There needs to be more cards like Golem Vanquisher that give Golems keywords. Like Frenzy maybe.


Yeah, or maybe faction golem cards.