Best expansion yet?


I am not tsevech.

But yeah, that’s what I meant.


whoops, I got mixed up because of his random quote that didn’t have anything to do with anything.


I do agree with your point though, great minds think alike! :slight_smile:


I like the way the new set makes alot of new strategies (and some old fringe ones) more playable, but support for things like deathwatch and vespyr would be nice.

My personal issue with the set is that big creatures are still largely unplayable because of all the removal. I feel we should give non-magmar/vanar decks better ways to accelerate their mana and/or discount minions besides the precarious 1/4 golem that can work against you if your opponent has rush/airdrop


Vespyr got support.


Yes. Matches are so far a lot more varied with positioning finally being a significant part of the game. Thumbs up, though personally not a big fan of the sentinels. They require out of game knowledge of all the 9 possible cards to make good plays, which just slows everything down.


Okay, so I finally had some time to play a few matches.

My overall feeling is that this is a very nice expansion. So far I noticed a huge deck variety in ranked, though I should mention I’m still in Silver, so the meta is not that shaped yet. I think the games required more thought about positioning with respect to the Ancient Bonds times. I didn’t see any egregiously broken card, but there are many strong, interesting cards to add to pre-existing decks. I find Thunderhorn particularly nice, because it really forces one to think how to deal with it without losing the board or screwing up positioning.

My only concern is that, if a few of the old cards are not nerfed, we may end up having balancing troubles again. Now people are testing the new cards, but at some point someone will find the best decks to play with and they will likely include a few of the existing broken cards. So I’m having fun for now, let’s hope the developers will be quick at addressing the problematic interactions which will pop up for sure!


I still haven’t been able to connect to try out the expansion since Bandaï took over ._.
I’d try a Vet Obelysk if I could 8D


On Steam everything works flawlessly. You may want to give a try to the Steam client, especially if you already have a Steam account.


well. i like the sentinels, I don’t like the inconsistent and buggy interactions they currently have. i think once they’re fixed I’ll like them better


Which interactions do you find to be broken? Especially concerning those between old and new cards.


No broken interactions so far, but they will pop up for sure like in any card game with a large card pool. I believe a few of the Ancient Bonds cards are too strong and will create troubles in the future, but the state of the game looks fine to me after a bunch of matches.

I will play more in the next few days.


Vespyrian Might isn’t really a thing; they have no new support for the keyword vespyr, although they printed new members. Unless you also consider RotBB’s Myriad as “support for vespyr”… which I don’t


Shiver and Arbiter are both nice to get from Call, cheap and proc Glacial Elemental.

There’s also Glacial + Ambush (+ Kara) for nice turning of tables.


Glacial + Kara + Ambush is 10 mana…
That aside, they released support for infiltrate, not Vespyr; nothing released pushes you to play Vespyr synergies. Also, the flier suiciding into the general for 1 mana is what makes it less of a good card to grab from Vesp Call; I’d rather get a cheapened Cloaker or, even better, one of the 6+ mana minions.


You should have Glacial on the board obviously.

You are objectively wrong, but okay, redefine stuff in your mind the way you want, I guess.

Regardless of Vespyrian Might being good or not, they DID release Vespyr support and even new Vespyrs, which is way more than can be said about rebirth minions, of which they released nothing. Rizen is a glimmer of hope but doesn’t have Rebirth… but yeah, there’s now a new way to get eggs… hm.


Have you been able to make Rizen work? I tried but just didn’t seem worth it.


I only drew one, so not yet tried really.


I agree, this is the best expansion and why is that?

Well thats beacuse it now focuses on the factions, old strategies, and positioning i may also add that THIS IS the most balanced expansion as of now. all cards are mostly balanced only a few are a BIT unbalanced.

This expansion also fixes some key problems whit certain faction for example Songhai lack of healing and draw and they added cards for that also.It also add new mechanics (sentinels) which are very fun.

But best fo all is that Neutrals took a backseat. i been always been very vocal on steam discusison that the role of Neutrals should be limited.

Like you said this expansion is just fun i am hooked.


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