Best expansion yet?


Yeah, that’s what’s really struck me about the situation thus far. None of the cards so far feel really “OP”. I’ll admit, I haven’t played against enough crazy stuff yet (been dominating so far with aggro dervish builds and my new favorite healyonar deck)

It’s been two days, we should be seeing a lot more angry threads.


Could you be so kind to post your healyonar list?



Here’s what I’m working with right now. Probs gonna drop Channeled Breath for something better. Still needs more tuning, but it’s just too much fun to use Gold Vitriol.


Also suprised me, @thefirstgokun and @excogitator.

I am very interested when the next tournament with this expansion will be played and how that will look. Anyone know?


Link doesnt work


Put it in game, not in the address bar


[Healyonar]MToyMywzOjExLDI6MTUsMzoyMiwzOjI5LDI6MzIsMzozOCwzOjExMDg0LDI6MTExMTUsMjoyMDA2NCwzOjIwMDY3LDM6MjAwOTAsMjoyMDEwNCwzOjIwMjMyLDM6MjAyODAsMjoyMDI4Nw== thats mine currently…i didnt know about this function


Yes, GAMBLE! GAMBLE ALL OF YOUR THINGS! :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I disliked the other expansions so much I stopped playing several times. This one seems like the best, to date, but it’s really the baseline of what I was expecting the game to be back in beta. Thus, I am mildly excited.


Great comments everyone! Seems there’s a general optimism all round, even if slightly more cautious in other quarters.

@sabinox on pricing, I think this expansion is way better for people who only play 1 or 2 factions, as you can mostly craft whatever you need. If you wanted every single card it would be tough, but this is true of every similar game.

@thefirstgokun Agree that nothing seems blatantly OP. Surprising and nice.

@everybody Really not a fan of using this gameclient only version of decklists. Most of the time i’m on this forum is when I don’t have access to the game…

@sviel Haha. I’ll take mildly excited.


I don’t know why this format of posting decks is catching on, is it so hard to just put up a png? Here’s the bagoum link.


OT: UP seems like the best expansion overall. We’ll see how things develop but CPG’s really taken most complaints to heart.


It’s definitely the best expansion so far as it addresses a number of issues the last expansions had. Most of the cards have some sort of positioning factor to them, some old archetypes got a lot of support and what’s most astonishing there isn’t a “best deck” as far as I can tell. There are some borderline broken cards like the vanar sentinels and phantasm but they don’t have a stong deck where they would fit in and I don’t think they can create a strong archetype on their own. So yeah really good job from cpg this time.


Well this is a bigger expansion the the last 2 we had. Alot more useful cards for each faction as well. Cards that deal with tiles and trap cards are welcome. It’s still early but there will always be meta stuff everyone is suppose to follow and thus the GA. E will get same once again. Hopefully we get to see the rise of many types of competive decks in this meta.


Ideally, the game has hit a point of complexity that dismantles the best decks as just being “very good decks to know about” in the future. The most important thing about this set, for me, is that it was seemingly built with solving problems in ways that handle adverse situations each faction’s cardpool had previously made unwinnable- and without further juicing Magmar and Vanar into further invalidating other factions.

Not really expecting this set to make the game perfect by any means, but the set more than accomplishes the need to shake up the game a bit. Almost every card is a roleplayer, and I look forward to seeing the interactions play out. Nothing strikes me as archetype defining, but that’s a good change of pace imo.


I love it, finally support for many many archetypes.

Sad to still see eggs not getting real support (I have been asking for it since… november?), but alas.

Also very weird that Deathwatch has never ever returned for Abyssian: only cards with it are in Core.

Zeal, Celerity, Backstab, Blast, Dervishes, Grow, Rebirth, Vespyrs, Infiltrate etc all got stuff.

All in all, yes, I think the best expansion in a long while and just very good! But it’s really hard to compare. It’s good in the whole that there is.


I didn’t have much time to dig into it, but I look forward to testing the new cards!


I love that decks seem to require actual piloting in order to win instead of the top decks of Ancient Bonds which I think played themselves.

The losses I’ve taken are the games that I think I could’ve played better as opposed to losing simply because my opponent had a certain card in-hand.

And I’ve seen a wide variety of generals. It’s great to see that generals such as Kaleos and Zir’an are seeing more play thanks to the support they got.


umm, hate to break it to you, but every other tcg functions this way with their products. physical and online card games, it doesn’t matter. rise of the bloodborn and ancient bonds were just the devs being extra generous


What do yo u mean I’m using a deck where death watch is a win con. It’s hard with all the removals but it works every now and then.


Not to mention that with the small mini-expansions it’s much harder for the devs to affect the meta of the game and make it fresh. There’s only so much you can do with 39 cards.

@persona0 Tsevech’s point is that CPG haven’t added any new deathwatch cards since alpha. Magmar have gotten grow minions, Lyonar have gotten Zeal, etc, but Abyssian is the only faction that hasn’t gotten any new cards that use their unique keyword.