Best expansion yet?


After a lovely evening trying out a new Saji Obelysk deck, I really can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with Duelyst. I’d uninstalled after the last expansion, as every game felt very samey, and it was clear right off the bat what the main deck archetypes would be.

In happy contrast, recent games have seen people trying a lot more interesting stuff, and a lot to think about with all the positional tiles. From my end, just learning how to use exhuming sand has been a comedy of errors, as I’ve covered it up, failed to summon minions, or just generally forgotten about it at key moments.

I’m aware some people are unimpressed with the introduction of Diamonds (lets face it, we’re adults, just give us a 10 USD = 1000 Diamond option), but having such a huge publisher is surely great news for this game. We might see a fast growing community, as Namco Bandai start firing their heavy corporate advertising guns, which should give the developers space to focus on even more top content.

In terms of forum etiquette, not sure if this should be folded into the main “new patch” thread, but I just wanted to say I’m incredibly impressed, and really enjoying it. Now time for one more game before bed. Just one more…


Its a little early to judge that…the new meta hasnt realy evolved yet
We will see if there will be a healthy meta with alot decks beeing viable or a terrible meta like the ancient-bond-one where 2decks are greatly superior(arcanyst faie and midrange vaath)


That was back when you drew 2 per turn, so I’d say its not going to ever get that bad again…

Though sentinels seem good


So far its been great mostly because the cool new effects are mostly board based, and those that aren’t require clever positioning. I’ve been playing a control-ish Songhai that uses Mantra to end games, running Tahr and Spiral Counter to discourage aggression, and that deck relies so much on good positioning to get the wincon off. Same with Doom. Meanwhile, Healyonar with Hallowed Ground is crazy positioning intensive but has great sustain from all those +1 healing procs. Haven’t drawn into enough Primal Flourish to play with it, but when I bet its much the same.

There were just so many control-based cards: Spiral Counter, Sinister Silhouette, Wild Tahr, Crystal Arbiter for example, are all positioning intensive and all strong defenders without breaking an aggro deck.



Like you, I agree that my recent battle placed tactical position in high regard. It might be because the expansion is still new and people try to experimenting all the possible combination (which place heavy emphasis on positioning too).
Will be interesting to see when the dust settled and new meta emerged.


May not be just because of the new exp,

I see a great number of cards right now, and most of them are viable.

While there will be a “best” deck out there, right now it’s impossible to put every card you want in the same deck.
This permits deck variety among players

With the new effects games are faster (at least i noticed a game doesn’t last until 9 mana with vets)

And this is pretty good, hope it doesn’t change too soon :smiley:


Just more 6+ damage turn ability before 5 mana. Power creep is real


Oh damn, 6 damage, watch out. You might hurt someone with that.


Yeah that’s why I run phalanxar, 6 damage op


Not to mention you can put buffs on him. That’s 6+ damage for 2 mana


GG Philunxer OP pls nerf or I uninstill gem


So funny.


I was playing an alabaster deck the other day in practice when the AI decided to drop a phalanxar in my face. Suffice to say, dispel didn’t help that day


Can’t dispel a 6+ damage turn ability before 5 mana.


Just as bad as Shimzar expansion. This kind of “opened” expansion is only a ridiculous cash grab and an attempt to milk players just to show to everyone how things are done in the Bandai Namco Family.


The buisness model is just like any other TCG…infact duelyst is quite generous in terms of awarded gold


I dunno, being able to spend spirit for specific cards is a definite plus. I also preferred the Ancient Bonds format because it felt good to play with everything right off the bat, but this format has its own charm :3


@Terrarius Just because everyone does it, it doesn’t mean it is good. The last expansions were perfect, and got me so close to the game.

But now for some reason they decided to fall back to the old system. And don’t get me wrong, it can make no difference or a whole world of difference depending on who is playing. You have time to grind, then you probably won’t see the difference.

People like me, who are unable to play for extended periods of time every day are at complete disadvantage. I am still working on core cards after a year playing this game. Still, I would’ve gladly paid the fixed price of a new expansion. But with this system I do not intend of spending a single cent.


The miniexpansions had 39 cards
The real prophecy expansion 94

The buisnessmodel of 20euro was meaned for the miniexpansions
The classic model here has the advantage of beeing able to craft wanted cards

And even if they would use the miniexpansionmodell…do you realy think that they would just want 20 euro despite the new expansion having more than double the cards?

I realy wish for an ,all-in-one pack, which grants every card,but that simply doesnt work for a freetoplay TCG

Also namco came AFTER cp ALREADY deceided the buisnessmodell…so atleast for that banco is not to blame


I’m surprised to see that there are no nerf threads or complaint threads about the set yet. For the previous 2 expansions, especially Rise of the Bloodbound, threads about OP cards were springing up left and right, even on the day of th release. With this one, most of it has been constructive criticism about poor wording and weird interactions.

Part of the reason for this, I think, is the amount of Counterplay in this expansion. An over-arching theme in this expansion is cards that respond to what your opponent does. The sentinels, cards that steal enemy minions / spells, and cards that react to the opponent playing stuff are all excellent for mind games and interactive play. Unlike with the none-interactive Burst and removal seen in the last two expansions, it is very hard to blame the game for loosing to an interactive mechanic.

I find it funny that, for craftable expansions, people complain about the set being too expansive and for uncradtable ones, people complain about individual cards being uncraftable.