Best Deck For 150 Dmg Quest


So… since we have this ridiculous “150 dmg to generals” quest, maybe its time to find out best deck to grind it? I have no ideas what would be best :smiley: not experienced player


I think meta decks like Songhai or Cas, or rush Magmar I guess.


I think overkill damage counts. Can someone confirm please.
If so then maybe super buff decks like dance of memes.


I’d roll with something standard like this. It’s a pretty decent deck that can constantly and quickly output damage. Hell, you might accidentally gain a few ranks by playing it too.


Ah, almost classic Faice without the cryos. Your artifact Vetruvian list, while sometimes inconsistent, can put out a ton of damage as well.


It’s maybe a bit early to say, but I think it’s safe to reroll that quest. I may be wrong, but the other two quests look more predictable to me. What do you think?


Of course; but the next day you will get this quest after reroll -.-
I did quest with Magmar basic precon (just buffing general with artifacts and hitting face) but it takes way too long (


I think you should either reroll the quest or just relax and do it without pushing for stupid face damage, which is costing you the game. Assassin looks doable in a reasonable time and Adventurer is not exciting, but pretty safe. I would keep them both over Ultimate Aggressor.


Anything that can surprise your opponent with lethal before they can concede. If your deck wins by taking over the board, your opponent can concede before you can win through damage. Something like Magmar Rush, Spellhai, or Shadow Creep are good.


Call me crazy but I complete this quest rather quickly just by playing normal decks. I haven’t noticed it taking any longer than the other quests you can receive in this slot so… my recommendation would just to play what you enjoy playing and finish it in the process.


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