Bennyboy101k's September Argeon Build 1.0


Hey everyone!

Shimzar has treated us Lyonar players very well! This is my first Argeon build of the season. I hope that you’ll give it a try and see how high our faction’s potential is post-shimzar.

1) Deck List

X1 Argeon Highmayne

X2 Sundrop Elixir
X3 Sunbloom
X2 Divine Bond
x3 Holy Immolation
X2 Ironcliffe Heart

Total: 12 Spells

X3 Azurite Lion
X3 Windblade Adept
X3 Sun Wisp
X2 Arclyte Sentinel
X2 Saberspine Tiger
X3 Silverguard Knight
X3 Dioltas
X3 Inquisitor Kron
X3 Zen’rui, The Blightspawned
X2 Pandora

Total: 27 Minions

Total Spirit Cost: 10,640

2) General Gameplay Tips For All Faction Matchups

  • VS Vetruvian: Don’t overreact to pax, just let it swing at you and then kill the iron dervishes ASAP (you can Zen’rui the pax if and only if it’s optimal). Try to Zen’rui the obelisks and then holy immolation them to keep them alive as long as possible. Save your sunblooms for nimbus.

  • VS Songhai: Don’t let any artifacts on the general last too long, 1-2 extra dmg per turn for more than 1 turn is an unnoticeable but major early tempo swing. Zen’rui the lantern foxes and sunbloom the four winds magi (bonus points if a heartseeker is adjacent to it!). Try to completely remove threatening minions each turn without losing too much health; their lack of card advantage should win you the game.

  • VS Vanar: Go for face as much as possible. You don’t want this game too last long enough for them to generate huge tempo. This deck has lots of threats so play your outs smart and try luck-sacking with a divine bond if possible (lol i know that sounds bad but the deck is really strong).

  • VS Abyssian: Literally haven’t lost to this faction yet since shimzar expansion. This faction is a non-issue if you know how to play a Lyonar control deck.

  • VS Magmar: Magmar will be a problem once the right build is discovered, but for now we’re alright. Don’t let eggs survive, ever. Zen’rui the Gro’s if possible, if not just play a dioltas near it and you actually go plus from that interaction if you have a divine bond in hand. Zen’rui good egg minions whenever possible! Go for face often, if you let the game last too long you risk losing to rush buff shenanigans.

  • VS Lyonar: Clear the opposing minions as much as possible and then go for face afterwards. Heal Lyonar ironically is hard to beat if the game lasts long enough for them to land durable sunrisers.


Replacements for 1 Pandora and 1 Kron? Is Ironcliffe guardian good as replacement for Kron? Will try deck, thanks!


Hmm, try to find a more powerful/impactful 5-7 drop minion in your collection and run 2 of it.


I have 2 dark nemesis. Will that work? Or grandmaster zir? Or elyx stormblade?


Go with nemesis, you want really rewarding effects in the late game.


Thanks! Will do!