Behold more pixel art (Henceforth known as my pixelart thread)


Newest pixel art is nearest to the top.

Mirror Knight:

Sikala Side by side wih Zirix and Star-Fire-Scarab:

The card alone:

Wanted to try something using Lyonar colors, so here it is voila!

Old Version Of Image below.

Here’s a side by side, the one in the middle is what I drew.


Mah, turtle. (Magmar color pallete)


The first one looks like zirans little sister. She’s too young to have badass weapons and a face though.

And it looks like that turtle is running from the songhai armory he raided for those spears and chains


Haha, I like those descriptions. Top ones a dude though .


But he doesn’t have the stereotypical super beefy arms or gigantic weapon that all lyonar men have :frowning:


Fair point, I was originally going to give him something MUCH, larger. I might just go ahead and do that. By the way, he’s very large in proportion to Z’iran. I’ll make the next image update a side by side.


New art at the top.


sikala looks like a guy checking the beach for buried treasure with 2 metal detectors


Roflmao, that’s great.


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