Beginner Scioness Sajj deck help?


I’m looking to make a control deck using Scioness Sajj. I already have one Hexblade, which isn’t much but it’s a start. I’m a noob (I am silver tho, and somewhat competent as I’ve played mtg before) and looking for something affordable; tho I realize this isn’t the most cost effective build, or the easiest to use.

Can I get some suggestions about what to build? Basic strategy, and a starter deck list? I’ll add to it as I get more cards for it.


Tbh, Control Sajj is one of the most expensive decks to play, like ever. I dont think you can afford control decks atm because of how pricey they are. And Sajj is not really worth investing in right now until at least after the expansion or some of her recent nerfs. My two cents would be, try playing other more budget decks first, the search bar can help you find decklists of whatever decks you want. Just be sure that they arent obsolete.


Nimbus, Aymara Healer and (some may disagree) Spinecleaver are the most important legendaries for Control Sajj deck. If you have none, consider other deck archetypes.

There are also relatively cheaper key cardsin a Sajj deck, namely Falcius and Wildfire Ankh. Coupled with Sajj’s BBS, the two mentioned card help you to remove big minions with ease. Since you don’t take any damage from enemy minions if 1. under Falcius’s Opening Gambit effect or 2. hitting with Wildfire Ankh from afar, Hexblade is not too helpful in a Sajj deck.

I recommend you to go for other types of deck archetypes, as control Sajj is expensive, and may have problem dealing with faster decks.


If you want to play any type of control as a newer player I think Vaath is the best option. I have a budget list that is not really all that Budgety but much cheaper than any other control list you will find. I know you asked for Sajj advice but I really don’t think she is beginner friendly because of the awkwardness of her BBS(works best comboed with Artifacts) and also the extremely high cost of the strong Vetruvian cards. Most optimal Sajj Decks are running around 9K Spirit or so and that is a very long term goal to be able to craft unless you plan on spending like $100

Other options include: Ephemeral Shroud, Young Silithar, Spirit Harvester, Lightbender, and most lategame legendary or epic cards you have could fit in well. If you are interested let me know and I can try to work with you based on what cards you have unlocked.

Makantors are pretty much necessary, you can’t play Magmar without them. If you are missing them, then I would recommend crafting ASAP if you plan on being serious about the faction.


One word: Falcius



As already said, sajj is very expensive.

The only advice here is to look for a budget ZIRIX build and slowly start crafting cards useful to either decks (like aymara healer, falcius, nimbus).

Then when you have these cards, wildfire ankh and spinecleaver (i personally prefer this order of crafting).

As last “step” you build the deck.


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