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I would appreciate it if you would list some good decks for beginners and people who are fairly new to Duelyst; like me!


Lyonar is the best option for budget players as they have many very powerful faction cards, such as Windblade Adept and Azurite Lion, that you obtain for free. Silverguard Knight and Primus Shieldmaster are other dirt cheap cards that are awesome in Lyonar!


Any particular faction you have mind that you would like to use? (to help give people an idea on which lists to show).

Guess some basic tips would be to learn from mistakes that are made from yourself and opponents. Don’t be scared to try new decks once you’ve reached the threshold for a new tier (like rank 20 for silver or rank 10 for gold) since you can’t go below a tier once you’ve reached it. Legendary cards are not needed for a successful deck (while ladder climbing), so focus on getting cheaper cards first before spending any big amount of spirit on legendary cards. The core orb set are usually recommended to buy first due to better drop rate of higher rarity cards.


Lyonar and Vanar build the best budget decks, but any faction works. Let us know what faction you like to play, whether or not you have the expansion and you can start to figure out which cards are staples etc. Once you learn good deckbuilding and smart play (ie positioning, resource management) the game really opens up and you’ll start to progress and get better pretty quickly.


Hey there. I am a new player in Duelyst and I wanna know if the Songhai is a good faction because in the beggining I chose to play Lyonar but I had a lot of problems with making a low cost deck. Tomorrow I can tell you how my Songhai deck is and can you please tell me if it is any good?
All the best


GrincherZ has beginner decks for all the Generals in the game:

These won’t be the only decks you can make on a budget and are a tad outdated but could be a good place to start. GL


Thanks for the tips/ advice!


@sinto03 all of the factions are currently viable. I’m not an expert on Songhai but I can certainly look at your deck. Cheap Songhai decks are a lot harder than cheap deck in other factions though


The best advice I can give a new player:

Analyze. Simply analyze everything. Your plays, your opponent’s plays, the decks you face.

Once you stop thinking “Bullshit, I should’ve won that, he got so lucky!” and start thinking “I really screwed up 3 turns earlier and that cost me the game” - you are no longer a new player.

Also feel free to ask for more specific advice - join Discord, there are a lot of people there at all times, and there is a channel dedicated to helping new players.


I think it will be best to determine what you would like by going into detail about the six factions and how they play (at least for newer players).

Lyonar and Magmar are incredibly friendly to beginners. Their minions have solid stats compared to the other factions, and the way they win games is pretty straightforward: overwhelm with size. Lyonar’s minions tend to be bigger out of the gate while Magmar uses spells and minion abilities to increase their power.

Things get trickier in Songhai and Vanar, when positioning on the board becomes more critical. Vanar uses the Infiltrate ability to benefit from being on the opponent’s side of the board, while Songhai uses Backstab to attack without getting counterattacked. (This only works if you are DIRECTLY behind the enemy) If you can manipulate the board the way you want, you’ll get great payoff from these factions.

Abyssian, as far as beginners go, is all about timing. The faction has smaller minions, but can be played in large numbers (this is what players call Swarm). There are cheap cards that can be used to the fullest if you have a large board presence. If you have the discipline to determine when to cash in your board for a greater power, I think you will enjoy this faction.

Last is our Vetruvian Imperium. For beginners, Obelysks tend to be where players start. The placement of these structures is important because these Obelysks cannot move on their own. However, they are incredibly durable for their cost, and they spawn a 2/2 body to do battle every turn (note that each 2/2 that the Obelysks produce will leave at the end of the turn). Vetruvian does best up close and personal, and if you like getting in people’s faces and cramming dervishes down your opponent’s gullet, try Vetruvian.


That’s my Sonhai deck. Tell me if I need to change cards in it


Deck building:

Step 1- Win Condition: How do you envision winning? (Design your win condition/method) (Songhai is generally spell or backstab oriented, but is not restricted to just that. Be creative and have fun, look through the cards at your disposal.)

Step 2- Core Cards: Place in core cards that are suited towards winning in that manner. What psynergizes well with these core cards and winning. You will generally run 3 of each type of card if it is a core card. It’s core, or central to the deck, is based upon your judgment, which should be based on if it’s suited towards how you envision wanting your deck to play out.

Step 3- Staples: There are staples (strong value cards) that are almost always in certain deck types. If you don’t know what they are for your faction and deck type (based upon win condition and core cards), ask others (I don’t know them myself).

You can expect to have about 20-30 cards around here.

Step 4- Tech Cards: If I’m using the term right. What you do from here is fill in the rest of the deck with cards that support your weaknesses. Use your judgment here. This is where you finish your deck.

Once finished, try out your deck a good number of times (At least half dozen in my opinion) and start to notice what cards you just keep replacing or aren’t really helping you. Rinse and repeat step 4 here generally.

General rule of thumb:
Core cards: Have 3 of each type
Assisting (though they may not necessarily be related to the win condition) cards: Have 2 of each type
Tech cards (unique or rare occurrances): Have 1

Examples of each:
Core: If you want your deck to be aggro (kill 'em quick), You’ll probably aim for a lot of low mana cards
Assisting: If you want to play control (slowing the enemy down till they’ve burned their energy/cards, then finish them off), these often require larger mana cards. However, to even be able to get that far into a game, you need lower mana cards that will keep you alive to get there (cards that assist your core and gameplan)
Tech: Going back to aggro, if most of your games end by the 7 mana mark (win or lose), you generally don’t need 7 mana minions. However, sometimes you get that 1 out of 15 games where they’re slowing you down and you just can’t quite finish them off, this is where a Songhai deck might throw in ONE Spiral Technique (8 Mana, or 8M, Spell, “Deal 8 damage to a minion or general.”

Off of this, do you want me to give you pointers on your deck, or would you prefer to have a chance to hit the drawing board again before? :slight_smile:

Good luck, I’ll be on for a bit still myself, so you can message me if you’d like.

P.S. Here’s two sites you can use to make it easier:


Yeah give me pointers please. I will be very happy to get some advice😀


More Inner Focus, and depending what would you like to play, Backstab or Spell, also craft katara x3, he’s just simply too good for the mana cost, consider removal (juxta/bear seal), also mist dragon seal, if you have access to RoTB cards, ethereal blades and obscuring blow are good, try to get 3 copies of core cards for consistency, more shiro and sojourner/blazehoud are also good, Lantern Fox and Fourwinds if you decided to go with spellhai, ki beholder and gorehorn are also a good 3 drops (beholder for utility, and gorehorn being the best backstab minion), just like @seraphicreaper said, build the deck around cards that can win you games and tweak accordingly to suit your playstyle


Here’s a good deckbuilder so your decks are easier to look at.
It seems that you’re missing all or most of the faction staples, and your deck is wildly inconsistent with all of its one-ofs. Here’s what most budget Songahi lists look like.


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