Beginner decklist for Songhai?


Enjoy the premise of Songhai, but have no clue on what to craft / essential core cards for Songhai; a general decklist and advice would be appreciated.


Well, the meta is in flux at the moment, so the “staple cards” probably going to change a bit, but Lantern Fox and Onyx Bear Seals are what I crafted first. Those are both epics though so they took me a while to save up enough spirit. I would definitely recommend playing Reva to start since she’s easier to pick up than Kaleos. I basically played Kara for the first month to earn gold and practice positioning. Songhai needs good positioning skills for many of their deck types. Kara is a little more forgiving on positional mistakes and can utilize lots of cheaper cards. I’ve switched over to Songhai now and am having loads of fun with a control deck I put together with various cards I’ve pulled and a few I crafted.

I just started playing this game in mid July and knew pretty quick that I liked Songhai best. Stick at it. It’s very fun to play, but again does have one of the higher barriers to entry costwise.

As far as budget deck lists… I tried out a few, but they were too hard for me just because I was so bad at positioning at first (my CCG background is mostly in Magic the Gathering).

I guess the first question is, what part of Songhai do you like?


Like agentcamp said the two biggest staples are probably lantern fox and onyx bear seals. Outside of that it depends on how you want to build your deck in terms of more tempo/agro or more control. Most of the decks can be a little on the pricey side in terms of spirit costs. I can’t speak for other factions but songhai def has a lot of options on how to build a deck so it just depends on your playstyle. You have options like stabhai, spellhai, arcanyst songhai, and tempo reva. If you ever want to practice or just have general questions add me as a friend and I can help you out.


I don’t think that Songhai is really expensive tbh, since most of Songhais Legends are shit, apart from Crescent Spear and Eclipse (and maybe Boar now). The most expensive factions definitely are Abyssian and Vet.