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Beautiful deck lists and how to make them

Yes we can mod Bagoum too.

Step 1, install this:

Step 2, go to https://bagoum.com/deckbuilder

Step 3, click on your extension’s options, and create a mod for bagoum.

Copy this to the Javascript (left-side) pane:

Copy this to the CSS (right-side) pane:


This is pretty cool.
is the background really colored like that? or does the background color put a filter on the deckbuilder?

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It’s the background-blend-mode CSS property that defines how the JPG and the background-color are combined (altered). Here I use the “multiply” operation with a dark blue background, which yields this tinted and darkened effect.

Normally the vanilla standard decklists of Bagoum have no background image at all, it’s a part of the CSS I added.

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dang it works so well. Now to swap that pic with ted cruz and traumatize @loliconartist all over again

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is it possible to move the image a bit? mine’s popping out a little cropped


Also replying here for the good lads from the future who will read this in the next millenium:

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This looks great :smiley:


If I were to replace the image itself I just need to alter the URL of the CSS’s reference for the image, yes?

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Yep. @cloudfrog does that I believe.

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yup, that’s pretty much what i’m doing.

side note: you can swap it for a GIF, but rn the website isn’t supporting “save as gif” so you’ll want something to screen capture the decklist

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