BBS Cooldown visibility should be more reliable


hey hey, with the release of the new expansion, Bloodbornspells become even more important, as is monitoring when those BBS are becoming available.

Currently the UI is showing when a BBS would be cooling off disregarding if it is actually cooling off or not. to put it in an example: imagine on turn 5 player 1 did not use his BBS. on player 2’s turn, he will see that player 1’s BBS is cooling down and not available next turn (he’ll see a 2 next to the button). this is not only confusing and wrong information, it can be game deciding if you act on that info.

a battle between should be decided by their ability to judge the situation and take the right course of action, not if they are able to remind themselves that the information offered by the game can be wrong.

so i propose to change the UI to show the actual availability of the BBS, not when they are supposed to be available.


always remember that even if you see it grayed out and with the “2” on it, if it is animated means the opponent will have it available on his turn, if it’s still he wont


Yeah, this has always been the most confusing part of the UI. It should definitely be clearer.


More importantly, the button shape should be changed into hexagon, just like the general portrait, mana and artifacts that are right next to the BBS button, because my OCD can’t handle it. kthxbye :sunglasses:


I agree banang - and I really thought it was changed by a patch. I feel like when BBS was released it gave the right information. I hope they’ll improve this little bit.


Yeah, it is confusing like hell. We should definitely know in how many turns it will be available.


Imagine something simple and efficient, like a label :

  • [2 turns] written with red
  • [1 turn] written with orange
  • [ready] written with green

Did it fast and dirty in 2mins but you got the point.

It would be nice to have a UI fix on BBS cooldown, especially with the new “BBS-friendly” extension incoming today :confused:

Actually, to be consistent, it should be changed to a square, like Spell Cards, hexagon shape is for Artifact cards and BBS is a spell (can be copied by Alcuin Loremaster).

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B-b-but, the general portrait and mana right next to it are hexagons too :open_mouth:


Yeap, I always get confused the heck out of it, not sure why such a simple thing was not done properly, especially when it is not complicated at all. It should just be something simple like how hearthstone did it. Make it grey when it is not available, make it colored when they can use it the next turn, done.

And if they wna check the cooldown, they could just put 0 under it to show that the bbs could be used next turn and has not been used at all, put 1 to say that it is 1 turn away from availability and 2 when it is 2 turns away.


@melkorita Never knew, never noticed.

I have always assumed they will make it more clear in the new expansion, as it seemed such an obvious thing to do, but it’s good to post about it, nicely done OP :slight_smile:


i feel there are so many small things that can be improved in duelyst, but this one is actually a no brainer and can have game diciding consequences.


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